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No.81795 : Anonymous [2019-02-21 10:22] 1550762571671.jpg (128498 B, 713x713) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP]
128498 B

Anything on Shay now he's got an onlyfans?

No.81830 : Anonymous [2019-02-21 12:48] []

Anyone subbed to him? Blondebaeof on OF

No.82772 : Anonymous [2019-02-24 14:55] []

Don't bother, it's all Instagram pictures. Complete waste of time.

No.82846 : Anonymous [2019-02-24 20:09] []

>>82772 Not true. I'm subbed to him and there are dick pics...

No.82858 : Anonymous [2019-02-24 21:09] []

>>82846 so share them you dumbo

No.82971 : Anonymous [2019-02-25 07:27] []

No the dick picks are the same ones that were leaked last year. You can find them on here!

No.94261 : Anonymous [2019-04-03 06:14] []

He's been posting a lot of different pics, there's gotta be SOMETHING new!

No.94438 : Anonymous [2019-04-03 20:15] 1554336943291.jpg (355082 B, 828x827) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.94440 : Anonymous [2019-04-03 20:16] 1554336975688.jpg (225041 B, 1384x785) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.94476 : Anonymous [2019-04-03 21:58] []

^^ Who’s this fat guy?

No.94484 : Anonymous [2019-04-03 22:07] []

Have to admit that made me giggle.

No.94633 : Anonymous [2019-04-04 10:37] []

"Fat" are you fucking for real? Idiot

No.94730 : Anonymous [2019-04-04 15:49] []

You should know by now not to take things said on here at face value.
I'm sure they just meant in comparison to his previous pictures idiot.

No.94831 : Anonymous [2019-04-04 23:19] []

Well he has gotten a bit more hefty.

No.94891 : Anonymous [2019-04-05 05:03] []

I dont get the obsession with this guy I mean sure he has a nice face but let’s face it he’s kinda fat and if it wasn’t for his face we’d all be saying so

No.94916 : Anonymous [2019-04-05 06:43] []

Honestly I shouldn't be shocked at the comments seeing as most of you seem to be into guys that look like kids.

No.94966 : Anonymous [2019-04-05 11:21] []

How is he anyway fat wtf

No.95409 : Anonymous [2019-04-06 15:56] []

Shay is beautiful. i’d absolutely destroy him

No.96672 : Anonymous [2019-04-10 07:39] []

does he have any hole pics on OF?

No.98324 : Anonymous [2019-04-15 12:09] []

there was apparently a video of him being fucked that he deleted on his onlyfans did anyone save it?

No.98390 : Anonymous [2019-04-15 18:55] []

>>94891 r u the one who calls every guy on here fat, including the ones with 6 packs? if so, here's the attention you are clearly seeking.

No.99994 : Anonymous [2019-04-20 16:18] []

Please post hole pics!


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