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No.99867 : Anonymous [2018-05-14 15:14] 1526325269929.png [GIS] (417480 B, 640x480)
No.100141 : Anonymous [2018-05-15 06:42] []


No.100145 : Anonymous [2018-05-15 06:43] []

yesss! people had alot to say about this video but i found it quite hot lol

No.100152 : Anonymous [2018-05-15 07:06] []

Yes please!!!

No.100154 : Anonymous [2018-05-15 07:09] []

I found someone upload this as separate files on 64YBE4ST (dot) C0M but they're premium videos though :'(

No.100164 : Anonymous [2018-05-15 07:29] []

Yes! I'll reward anyone who can send me this. With videos they would like too of course.

No.100166 : Anonymous [2018-05-15 07:31] []

This is one old video though

No.100168 : Anonymous [2018-05-15 07:32] []

i have the other video where he's in his room but then it gets cut off because someone was about to enter. this one is rare

No.100174 : Anonymous [2018-05-15 07:45] []

I wish someone who has downloaded the previous thread's links see this and share the video.

No.100176 : Anonymous [2018-05-15 07:46] []

in paris hilton voice "thats hot!"

No.100182 : Anonymous [2018-05-15 08:12] []

I wish people who posted the link posted it using a less temporary site such as wetransfer. I guess I would have appreciated it if I was able to view it on time

No.100192 : Anonymous [2018-05-15 08:51] []

What kind of sick shit is this? Ban these motherfuckers.

No.100306 : Anonymous [2018-05-15 16:48] []

His name is Riley Rhino, hot body, hot and horny guy, shame he fucked balls deep a dog.

No.100307 : Anonymous [2018-05-15 16:55] []

It's rather disgusting that there needs to be a rule prohibiting bestiality. But, there is:

Things you should do right now, so we can ban you:

Post child pornography or bestiality.
No.100323 : Anonymous [2018-05-15 17:57] []

>>100306 Was. His name was Riley 'cause he's dead now.

No.100334 : Anonymous [2018-05-15 18:24] []


prove it. :-)

No.100348 : Anonymous [2018-05-15 18:56] 1526425012647.png [GIS] (632586 B, 496x917) []
632586 B

>>100306 Sorry, his name is Riley RYNO. If somebody catfish this guy "Dylan Br3th3rton" (pic attached) I'll post the video of Riley.

No.100349 : Anonymous [2018-05-15 18:57] []

>>100334 will that stop you from wanting to watch an underage teen rape a dog?

No.100360 : Anonymous [2018-05-15 19:14] []


tell me about it :-D

No.100366 : Anonymous [2018-05-15 19:44] []

>>100360 About the video or about Dylan? The video is a guy doing a tour of his home, later a dog appears on scene, he undress and tries to calm the dog and tries to fuck him. The dog tries to bite him but the guy continues anyways. Later the guy shows (via his webcam) how he penetrates the dog balls deep and fuck him like a rabbit. To finish he lies on his back and cum on his abs. As I've said, if someone can catfish that aussie guy Dylan I can try to get the video and post it.

No.100375 : Anonymous [2018-05-15 20:13] []


"tell me about it." = "i agree with you." Someone lied to us but he's alive!

No.100386 : Anonymous [2018-05-15 20:47] []

Please share!!!

No.100478 : Anonymous [2018-05-16 01:55] []

i’ll post his other video in exchange for this one

No.100480 : Anonymous [2018-05-16 02:01] []

>>100366 you can “try” to get the video? so you don’t have it?

No.100481 : Anonymous [2018-05-16 02:01] []


You sick fuck. Be a human being, dude.

No.100520 : Anonymous [2018-05-16 04:36] []

>>100348 please post

No.100542 : Anonymous [2018-05-16 06:22] []

I mean I don’t really care for the plot of this video but he is hot

No.100567 : Anonymous [2018-05-16 08:14] []

i found a 2 minute long video without audio but it’s just not the same. can someone please upload the full one?

No.100612 : Anonymous [2018-05-16 11:59] []

>>100366 please post the link

No.100756 : Anonymous [2018-05-16 20:00] []


No.100757 : Anonymous [2018-05-16 20:01] []

where’s the link?

No.100760 : Anonymous [2018-05-16 20:16] []

Someone please post the video

No.100774 : Anonymous [2018-05-16 21:25] []

I dont even like these kind of videos but for some reason i’m curious.

No.100808 : Anonymous [2018-05-16 23:19] []

Can someone just post the video and quench these thirsty hoes

No.100852 : Anonymous [2018-05-17 01:32] []

>>100366 please post. i wanna seeeee

No.100899 : Anonymous [2018-05-17 04:56] []

>>100366 upload it

No.100900 : Anonymous [2018-05-17 04:57] []

>>100366 Your description makes me wanna see it now. Please uploaddddd

No.100908 : Anonymous [2018-05-17 06:36] []

>>100348 Would you want anything else? I can probably give you any porn video from any studio or a selection of chaturbate screen recordings or maybe even a few quite uncommon homemade videos

No.101007 : Anonymous [2018-05-17 12:01] []

>>100348 if you actually have it please upload

No.101008 : Anonymous [2018-05-17 12:03] []

>>100567 This pretty much sounds like the comment on the other post. Are you sure you did not just copy? Any proof you actually have it?

No.101019 : Anonymous [2018-05-17 12:51] []
No.101060 : Anonymous [2018-05-17 15:27] []

JFC, why don't y'all just go find a dog to rape yourselves?

No.101095 : Anonymous [2018-05-17 17:29] []

>>100908 Really, I just only want videos from Dylan or in any case videos from F4F Rocky_jnr ( so I can use them for exchange.

No.101201 : Anonymous [2018-05-17 23:36] []

Oh please! Somebody post the Riley video plz!!

No.101209 : Anonymous [2018-05-17 23:49] []

>>101060 its not about the dog, its about the guy. you dont like this thread? move on to the next one

No.101245 : Anonymous [2018-05-18 02:55] []

>>101095 how do we know you actually have it?

No.101390 : Anonymous [2018-05-18 15:56] []

Hey, I'll post this video if anyone posts, trades, or sells pics/vids of:

A3X, Alex Cohen, atk_fit, bacteriia, bigcentaur, bjasstronaut, Callum Riley/CJJRiley, Cowten/Cockton, Daniel Robinson, dcmorsecode, Devon Gibby/Rob Zimmerman/Dadsnotdaddies,, Eric Bl0em, Erik Steinhagen/2lofgren4/erik_2steinhagen4,, Freddie Woodward, gymnastkid589, Hank Cain, itsthemainshane, jsteel/John Steel, jvmvs_, Keegan Whicker, klwhick, Matheus Lula/mat_lula, musclegod19/musclegodmichael, Nick Bolton, Nick Sandell, nickasfrick, ollybes, omariospizza, Puertoricanfire1996, Rhys Sachett/ThatTattooGuy, rjhours, Stylcd/Charlie, Taylor Spence, theprincedylan, Thomas Allen, topherwalkerb, Trevor Signorino, Uktspence, Willbaker6


No.101429 : Anonymous [2018-05-18 19:02] 1526684553255.jpg [GIS] (1221898 B, 1277x1912) []
1221898 B

>>101245 This is the only thing I'm going to show

No.101430 : Anonymous [2018-05-18 19:03] 1526684598757.jpg [GIS] (17623 B, 400x400) []
No.101435 : Anonymous [2018-05-18 19:13] []

And this photos, the only thing I could find on the web. I'm not going to show anymore, sorry, enough freebies :)
Get them fast!

No.101461 : Anonymous [2018-05-18 20:34] []

>>101429 OMG please share!!!

No.101463 : Anonymous [2018-05-18 20:37] []

>>101435 Fake cock uhhhhhhhh

No.101476 : Anonymous [2018-05-18 21:03] []

>>101390 i’ll post them as soon as you grow up ;-)

No.101488 : Anonymous [2018-05-18 21:39] []

>>101429 Does your file have audio? I have the same vid but its silent

No.101512 : Anonymous [2018-05-18 23:04] []

>>101488 I have to check out, but I think It doesn't have audio.

>>101463 What? it's the same guy from the videos, I don't see the fake cock dude. But it's the last I'm going to share until some vids from Dylan or Rocky.

No.101518 : Anonymous [2018-05-18 23:22] []

What surprises me to this day is that we can't track any info from this guy, we have a name, we have lots of clear pictures from his face, we have old social networks of him, we even have a tour of his house... So, that makes me think that there's only two option: The guy is dead (suicide from shame as some said in the old thread) or he changed his legal name (from shame too as per the old thread). I'm not from USA or Canada (I suppose this Riley guy is from one of those countries) so I'm limited in how much sleuthing I can do.

No.101526 : Anonymous [2018-05-19 00:46] []


Can somebody explain the story behind this?

Who is this? where did upload this video to? and like how did this happen?

No.101537 : Anonymous [2018-05-19 01:58] []

>>101095 i have some of rocky’s private webcam shows but dude, they’re so low quality

No.101685 : Anonymous [2018-05-19 15:43] []

>>101537 Oh sh*t, the guy is hot, but I remember that the Rocky's F4F recordings are really old, like, shitty 640x480 webcam resolution old :(

No.101825 : Anonymous [2018-05-20 01:08] []

>>101518 fingers crossed he did commit suicide. Hopefully y'all will follow suit.

No.101892 : Anonymous [2018-05-20 08:23] []

you sick fucks

No.102312 : Anonymous [2018-05-21 11:38] []

please someone post the video

No.102352 : Anonymous [2018-05-21 14:43] 1526928223843.jpg [GIS] (3801682 B, 1500x5695) []
3801682 B

Why the hottest guys are always the craziest ones? I feel super dirty jerking to a fuck who violates a dog (I love dogs, I treat them like part of my family), but really, I can't understand why someone so fucking hot or without (I think) problems finding girls (or guys) feel the need to violate an animal. Anyways, I feel super dirty but can't stop fapping to it (looking at the guys fucking, I just blur the animal out on my mind)
Example, exhibit A: (censored so it doesn't get banned)

No.102353 : Anonymous [2018-05-21 14:44] 1526928289799.jpg [GIS] (87687 B, 450x600) []
87687 B

That Dylan guy is hot

No.102401 : Anonymous [2018-05-21 17:21] []

>>102352 do us all a favor and kill yourself

No.102408 : Anonymous [2018-05-21 17:43] []

>>102352 Please post the Video

No.102417 : Anonymous [2018-05-21 18:12] []

>>102401 Nope.

No.102419 : Anonymous [2018-05-21 18:18] []

>>102401 To each his own I guess Mary Sue

No.102424 : Anonymous [2018-05-21 18:59] []

>>102352 >>102353 Delicious both of them

No.102427 : Anonymous [2018-05-21 19:05] 1526943922542.jpg [GIS] (278709 B, 1152x1920) []
278709 B

>>100348 This one is Dylan?

No.102445 : Anonymous [2018-05-21 20:05] []

What's Dylan's story? Why is he on MG's naughty list?

No.102455 : Anonymous [2018-05-21 20:35] []

>>102445 Dylan is the guy that >>100348 posted, unrelated to the dog fucker. The anon wants someone to catfish Dylan and in exchange he will post the dog fucker video

No.102457 : Anonymous [2018-05-21 20:42] []

>>102427 What's his name? I need more of him in my life!! create a new thread just for him anon!!!!

No.102483 : Anonymous [2018-05-21 22:07] []

>>102417 Not to worry. Someday when the right person finds out what a sick fucker you are, they'll beat you to a bloody pulp...or worse ;)

No.102494 : Anonymous [2018-05-21 22:46] []

>>102483 Yeah, sure, whatever :)

No.102498 : Anonymous [2018-05-21 22:56] []

>>102483 zzzZZZ you talk from your moral high horse but is funny you clicked on this thread knowing it was about a guy fucking a dog, hypocrite much?

No.102501 : Anonymous [2018-05-21 23:06] []

>>102483 Be careful, when the right person finds out what a sick fucker you are looking at your browsing history (this thread for example), they'll beat you to a bloody pulp...or worse ;)

No.102502 : Anonymous [2018-05-21 23:14] []

>>102483 Man this is what happens when the zionist legalize unnatural deviations like homosexuality to destroy our ways and family values, first you legalize the sex between two mans, and later you legalize the paedophilia and the zoophilia excusing it under "I like the guy, not the act and/or the victim". Hope you get all violated and consumed by the flames of hell, hope our president prosecute all of you and get all of you on jail.

No.102503 : Anonymous [2018-05-21 23:16] []

>>102427 Name please? Google search returned nothing

No.102569 : Anonymous [2018-05-22 05:13] []

>>101429 please be a kind soul and just upload it please please please

No.102728 : Anonymous [2018-05-22 15:57] 1527019054571.jpg [GIS] (2313007 B, 1783x5373) []
2313007 B

>>102352 Like this hot shithead who's doing the rounds on twitter, gladly he's on jail now (from what I've read, sorry, I don't have the video, just the screen capture)

No.102775 : Anonymous [2018-05-22 18:43] []

>>102728 dis dude looks inbred.

No.102799 : Anonymous [2018-05-22 20:02] []

>>102775 looks like he have Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, nice shaft anyway

No.103382 : Anonymous [2018-05-24 12:59] []

>>102728 Please, a link to the video! This board is going downhill with all the 'trade' you sick fucks! SHARE YMF!

No.104282 : Anonymous [2018-05-27 11:21] []

Please upload the video

No.104319 : Anonymous [2018-05-27 15:40] []

>>101429 >>102352 >>102728 Please upload it!

No.104415 : Anonymous [2018-05-28 02:05] []

can somebody just please post it

No.104416 : Anonymous [2018-05-28 02:06] []

I wish wetransfer was not so temporary


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