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No.95999 : Anonymous [2018-05-01 19:15] [Report] 1525216519408.png (909712 B, 1183x750) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP]
909712 B

Could anyone subscribed to his onlyfans come through and post that pic uncensored (or any hole shot he may have shared there) ? Thanks in advance

No.96048 : Anonymous [2018-05-01 23:47] [Report] []

i highly doubt he actually shared a clear hole pic to his OF. his entire M.O. is teasing and being dramatic because he knows it stretches out his 15 minutes of fame. feel free to prove me wrong though i've been waiting to see that hole for a few years now.

No.103821 : Anonymous [2018-05-25 16:34] [Report] 1527280498113.jpg (49715 B, 350x516) [YIS] [GIS] []
49715 B

Pretty sure that's the hottest, most "hardcore" pic I've seen from him online. Those balls look fucking hot, only wish we could get a good hole pic now.

No.103835 : Anonymous [2018-05-25 17:42] [Report] []

He's such a disgusting human being. I can't find him attractive anymore.

No.104078 : Anonymous [2018-05-26 16:52] [Report] []

>>103835 The grifting has turned me off him but I still can’t help but want his ass on my face


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