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No.5943 : Anonymous [2017-06-21 12:20] 1498062002492.jpg [GIS] (291071 B, 1242x1335)
291071 B

@morusbombycis cock pics?

No.5954 : Anonymous [2017-06-21 12:57] []

I hooked up with him Once, his cock is masssssive!

No.6042 : Anonymous [2017-06-21 21:54] []

Bump. It. Up!

No.6343 : Anonymous [2017-06-23 03:14] 1498202070182.jpg [GIS] (163757 B, 1242x673) []
163757 B

He has sent me a few pics on Grindr before. Incredible dick.

No.6408 : Anonymous [2017-06-23 14:31] 1498242692836.jpg [GIS] (57421 B, 577x736) []
No.6415 : Anonymous [2017-06-23 14:50] []

>>6343 That's one fucking ugly cock. Huge turn off. Not interested.

No.6449 : Anonymous [2017-06-23 17:06] []

>>6415 Agree. His dick is pretty disgusting. It looks like his dick belongs to an 80 year old man who struggles to get erections.

No.6502 : Anonymous [2017-06-23 20:18] 1498263503193.jpg [GIS] (118668 B, 1242x772) []
118668 B

It's really nice I assure you

No.6557 : Anonymous [2017-06-23 23:13] []

>>6502 No thanks. I'll pass.

No.6613 : Anonymous [2017-06-24 02:16] []

Indeed a nice cock!
Thx for sharing.

No.6618 : Anonymous [2017-06-24 02:39] []

Idk her but tbh I kinda like his cock.

It's uncut, pink, and veiny.

No.6974 : Anonymous [2017-06-25 16:56] []

Hmm not bad

No.22073 : Anonymous [2017-08-27 13:43] 1503855802569.png [GIS] (1385270 B, 1233x1805) []
No.22074 : Anonymous [2017-08-27 13:43] 1503855839413.png [GIS] (1643541 B, 1236x1490) []
No.22197 : Anonymous [2017-08-28 00:02] []

what a perfect cock ;'(

No.22213 : Anonymous [2017-08-28 01:39] []

The obvious photoshop liquify

Girl bye lol

No.22335 : Anonymous [2017-08-28 14:09] []

I'm friends with Chris, lovely guy and very sexy.

No.28690 : Anonymous [2017-09-19 18:04] []


No.28705 : Anonymous [2017-09-19 19:02] []

How do you know him?

No.28727 : Anonymous [2017-09-19 19:57] []

What a divine man! C'mon girls, let's see more!

No.33629 : Anonymous [2017-10-04 16:17] []

he is amazing.

No.35702 : Anonymous [2017-10-12 11:19] []

Any updates??

No.35724 : Anonymous [2017-10-12 12:52] 1507827156170.jpg [GIS] (272657 B, 1200x1200) []
No.35727 : Anonymous [2017-10-12 12:56] 1507827378159.jpg [GIS] (62189 B, 1080x1080) []
No.35730 : Anonymous [2017-10-12 13:00] []


No.35731 : Anonymous [2017-10-12 13:02] 1507827752349.jpg [GIS] (158093 B, 1200x900) []
No.35852 : Anonymous [2017-10-13 03:29] []

>>35730 Thx!!

No.35869 : Anonymous [2017-10-13 04:44] []

>>35730 Wow. Thanks for that. He is delicious. The other dick on his twitter must be his boyfriend's, we should see them in action. And here I am awondering who's the bottom. The pissin' video is oddly erotic, too! (and I'm not even into that). Any more pics/videos?

No.35998 : Anonymous [2017-10-13 16:53] []

oddly enough the other dick posted is me, I randomly found this forum. I had no idea he posted the pics on twitter haha

No.36288 : Anonymous [2017-10-14 15:38] 1508009897664.png [GIS] (3307130 B, 1242x2208) []
3307130 B

you're so lucky :)

No.36344 : Anonymous [2017-10-14 19:25] []

I’m sorry he has a really gross looking dick. His face is great but honestly if he had a slightly smaller dick and it was attractive I’d be into it. He looks like he needs a cosmetic operation on his dick.

No.36375 : Anonymous [2017-10-14 22:36] []

I don't get it.
What is so gross about his dick? It looks nice to me- it's the tattoos that gross me out.

No.36435 : Anonymous [2017-10-15 02:22] []

Disgusting. Phimosis sucks. I had it too and got cut, now my dick looks perfect.

No.36448 : Anonymous [2017-10-15 03:49] []

He's so my type... with his thick hung uncut cock! Hoping he will start posting again...a jo video with cum would be hot.

No.36482 : Anonymous [2017-10-15 08:30] []

Ugly cock

No.36489 : Anonymous [2017-10-15 08:48] []

>>36344 That dick is perfect, you're obviously jealous of that foreskin. Too bad that your parents decided to amputate yours.

No.36491 : Anonymous [2017-10-15 08:49] []

>>36435 He doesn't have phimosis as you can see in the other photos, you are just jealous.

No.36541 : Anonymous [2017-10-15 11:36] []

>>35998 Well, buddy, you have a nice dick as well. He looks like he's an excellent lay.
On the subject of all the other comments about this guy's dick: I cannot believe some impetinent asshole gives his (negative) opinion as an absolute. Don't like what you see? Move on.

No.36627 : Anonymous [2017-10-15 15:58] []

since I've slept with him and I assure you he does not have Phimosis....

No.39448 : Anonymous [2017-10-25 20:41] []

Bump! Let's get him to post more...he's been quiet for awhile...

No.56118 : Anonymous [2017-12-29 06:48] []

nothing new so far?

No.66356 : Anonymous [2018-01-25 05:59] []

>>56118 I wonder if the escort ad is legit. If yes, I'm breaking my piggy bank. He's gorgeous.

No.80556 : Anonymous [2018-03-12 11:19] []

have I missed something? an escort ad? where?

No.94173 : Anonymous [2018-04-24 21:38] 1524620308321.jpg [GIS] (1629663 B, 1242x1683) []
1629663 B

Yeah where is this escort ad??

No.98839 : Anonymous [2018-05-11 00:14] []


No.98886 : Anonymous [2018-05-11 05:38] []

>>94173 It was on gayromeo. Let me find it, I'm on the road. Bumping this for later.

No.98898 : Anonymous [2018-05-11 07:27] []

Arnie_Berlin on gayromeo

No.98901 : Anonymous [2018-05-11 07:53] []

Where was this from? Did he take it down from his ig, I don't see it?

No.98906 : Anonymous [2018-05-11 09:07] []

>>98898 Right. I have a screenshot at home. Still needed?

No.103331 : Anonymous [2018-05-24 09:10] []

did he changed his nickname? can't find him there. maybe you could give us his Profile-ID?

No.104272 : Anonymous [2018-05-27 10:49] []

I wanna see this escort ad

No.104303 : Anonymous [2018-05-27 14:13] []

>>104272 Ad still there, just get on GR.

No.104371 : Anonymous [2018-05-27 21:09] []

Why can't people give a negative opinion?
We don't want to always hear your sycophantic positive opinions all the time.
People have opinions they're going to express them if they want it's a bit asinine to bitch about it just because they don't agree with you.

No.104397 : Anonymous [2018-05-28 00:05] []

I don’t see any escort ad with the name Arnie_Berlin

No.104399 : Anonymous [2018-05-28 00:08] []

There is an ad for him on rentmen with that name

No.104459 : Anonymous [2018-05-28 04:52] []

>>104371 Did you just learn the word "sycophantic?"


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