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No.50868 : Anonymous [2017-12-11 09:54] [Report] 1513004094473.jpg (480848 B, 2044x1544) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP]
480848 B

Did you have private show of the french model at 22 on chaturbate ?

his room name is Theophilecar

No.63841 : Anonymous [2018-01-18 12:21] [Report] []


No.64537 : Anonymous [2018-01-20 10:38] [Report] []

Love to see more of him

No.64549 : Anonymous [2018-01-20 11:28] [Report] []

Does he ever do anything at all on cam aside from staring at the screen and seemingly chatting with who knows who?

No.64566 : Anonymous [2018-01-20 12:22] [Report] []

Asks for 100 euros for a private show lol

No.64584 : Anonymous [2018-01-20 13:23] [Report] []

You are not going to see him get naked on public chat at all. Still his room is always entertaining to see lots of people, with tokens, with no token or mod wannabe, try so damn hard to get his attention. And he always get 300+ viewers in his room without doing anything, for hours.

No.64690 : Anonymous [2018-01-20 19:03] [Report] []

With what he's doing in his room, it is surely doomed for extinction. Lots of cb peeps who did similar things like what he's doing aren't around anymore. Too bad he's got lots of potential.

No.64692 : Anonymous [2018-01-20 19:10] [Report] []


Any news if there are takers? If what he is asking for is worth it when he goes into private. Does he have limitations in private?

No.64786 : Anonymous [2018-01-21 04:39] [Report] []

it's scam
this model even paying 100 euro, does no show.
Nobody sees his dick. He does not do masturbation.
He speaks only then he banishes you from his room and your area.
Meanwhile he has cashed the tokens.
know that if a guy does not show at least his naked body and his dick. You will be disappointed in a private show. You will pay for nothing.
Sorry but nobody can show or post here a video of him naked, since it does not exist for anyone.

No.65235 : Anonymous [2018-01-22 07:03] [Report] []
No.65302 : Anonymous [2018-01-22 12:50] [Report] []


That's just the same as the shows he does every time he's on. But what's up with the double window thing?

No.66977 : Anonymous [2018-01-27 05:47] [Report] []

Anything on him? he did a password show yesterday, hopefully someone has something.

No.74027 : Anonymous [2018-02-18 06:15] [Report] []

He asked 100 euros for a private show, but got offline before I can send the money (fortunately). Can anyone confirm he is trustworthy ?

No.74678 : Anonymous [2018-02-20 07:46] [Report] []

Faut impérativement demander un flash cock avant de payer.
Si le modèle refuse. Il est un escro

No.74730 : Anonymous [2018-02-20 12:01] [Report] []

He did a few password shows in past week.
Well, at least he's not shy away from making cb account with his real name.

No.77867 : Anonymous [2018-03-03 13:01] [Report] []

Anyone have anything from him? Since this is being requested for quite some time now, I understand that no one is willing to post anything. Trade to anyone who has anything.

No.78057 : Anonymous [2018-03-04 03:45] [Report] []

He is à scam

No.78097 : Anonymous [2018-03-04 07:28] [Report] []

Here is for anyone who's desperate to see him naked or accused him that he never did a show.

No.78191 : k [2018-03-04 12:42] [Report] []


What I'm interested in is a full show actually. To anyone who has it, I'm sure they are not interested in posting here a full show that is why I'm asking for a trade instead.

No.78507 : Anonymous [2018-03-05 11:44] [Report] []

>>78097 great ! tx
never seen him doing show ! have u more ?

No.80766 : Anonymous [2018-03-13 04:36] [Report] []

Thanks for the quick show, it was nice to finally see him naked ! If someone has a cum show from him, that would be really hot

No.81273 : Anonymous [2018-03-14 20:55] [Report] []

Unfortunately the porn hub link got deleted. Can someone please post again? Thanks.

No.81578 : Anonymous [2018-03-15 23:31] [Report] []

Re:No:81467 Thank you for sharing..

No.84053 : Anonymous [2018-03-24 05:39] [Report] []

Awesome, are there more?

No.84088 : Anonymous [2018-03-24 09:52] [Report] []

can someone please re-up? missed it

No.84437 : Anonymous [2018-03-25 14:34] [Report] []

can't believe I missed that video. Much obliged if someone can kindly reupload the most recent video

No.85016 : Anonymous [2018-03-27 11:20] [Report] []

Theophilecar on Chaturbate is banned today
He' s Nevers naked, never preview cock or jerk off.

No.85075 : Anonymous [2018-03-27 15:13] [Report] []

here again

hope he will come bck
someone must have gone crazy he shows nothing :)

No.88391 : Anonymous [2018-04-07 06:29] [Report] []

he has comeback... somebody has something new ? :-)

No.88403 : Anonymous [2018-04-07 07:30] [Report] []

Can someone reupload the video? wetransfer link is off again :( Thanks!

No.88534 : Anonymous [2018-04-07 16:13] [Report] []

He got banned again. He should learn by now that the way he handles his room keeps getting him banned.

No.88607 : Anonymous [2018-04-07 21:09] [Report] []

What he’d do to get banned? When I go into his room he never talks or even have tip goals for anything.

No.88840 : Anonymous [2018-04-08 14:20] [Report] []


In all my years watching in chaturbate, I would assume that cb does not like their verified users hogging for themselves hundreds of audience while doing nothing for hours while there are actual cammers who are really performing and needed audience at that time. That is why there are times we could see some chat disconnections in some rooms in order to disperse audience of such cammers. I also think that cb admin had actually look at his private messages asking for actual monetary that is why he got banned.

No.90561 : Anonymous [2018-04-13 07:14] [Report] []

>>88840>>81467 Can you share another time? The links expired. Thanks in advance.

No.90630 : Anonymous [2018-04-13 12:31] [Report] []

>>85075 Please, can you reupload? Link expired. Thank you so much.

No.91987 : Anonymous [2018-04-17 14:55] [Report] []

A big thank you in advance to all those who can share, again, working links from which to download the videos of Theo's private shows.

No.92703 : Anonymous [2018-04-20 02:42] [Report] []

Pls share

No.92787 : Anonymous [2018-04-20 10:43] [Report] []

Haha the former half of your assumption is incorrect there are petty of people who do and used to do that. As long as they aren't breaking any rules I doubt chaturbate cares if they're getting money from just talking. The latter half of you assumption doesn't seem very plausible either if so I'm pretty sure a lot of other people would be in trouble as well.

No.92814 : Anonymous [2018-04-20 12:22] [Report] []

>>92787 Well, "theophilecar" has been banned because he asked for direct payment via PayPal to make shows. Chaturbate earns nothing, in this way, so it's logical that they have been banned him.

No.92840 : Anonymous [2018-04-20 14:26] [Report] []


You mean even if not much of any tokens gets given to the broadcaster. So why did he kept on getting chat disconnections from time to time when he was still camming while the other rooms didn't? Obviously cb intended for it to happen to disperse the crowds in his room.

About the 2nd half, this one >>92814. There are lots of cammers in the past not asking for tokens only to be found out that they are asking for other types of payment and are now banned.

No.92880 : Anonymous [2018-04-20 18:35] [Report] []

Please, is there someone that can send a link to download the show of theophilecar, that has been cancelled from pornhub? Thank you!

No.93023 : Anonymous [2018-04-21 03:26] [Report] []

Actually talking about other payment that is not spent through CB, CB itself is breaking their own rule because they even suggest something like wish list via amazon gifcard etc and many cammers accept gifcard instead of token to do show as well. But they have never been reported so they are never got banned. There are some people so desperate to see his cock and their money can't order him around as their wish. That's most possibility why he got banned many times.

Also I heard that many french cammers have problem transfering money from CB. So receiving token mean nothing to him.

No.93047 : Anonymous [2018-04-21 07:10] [Report] []

Everyone is responsible for their own choices in life. If there are rules, rules must be respected, otherwise it is right to be out. The fact is that many cammers, choose this type of work hoping for an easy profit, without taking responsibility, for what they do.

No.93066 : Anonymous [2018-04-21 08:29] [Report] []

>>85075 Please, can you upload again? Thank you so much!

No.93124 : Anonymous [2018-04-21 11:00] [Report] []

You can still watch him on

No.93178 : Anonymous [2018-04-21 14:41] [Report] []


yes watch him doing nothing

No.93204 : Anonymous [2018-04-21 16:51] [Report] []

You're assuming far too much you do know disconnections can be caused by the person's Internet as well.
It's highly unlikely Chaturbate would do something like that because you can watch multiple cams.
As for your second comment >>93023 addressed that perfectly.

No.93473 : Anonymous [2018-04-22 12:39] [Report] []

>>93124 On "" there's nothing interesting about him.

No.93502 : Anonymous [2018-04-22 14:25] [Report] []


This is not simply assumptions but actually observations. The chat disconnections that I am referring to is not simply the one you see where there are "broadcaster logouts" and "broadcaster logins". The one I'm referring to is when you see "chat disconnection" and everyone's kicked out of the room including the broadcaster himself. The first one happens when the internet connection of the broadcaster is not that reliable. The second one is the one that theo had encountered in his room many times especially when he was not doing anything in his room, gathering hundreds of viewers and was already logged-in for more than 2 to 3 hours already.

No.93599 : Anonymous [2018-04-22 20:10] [Report] []

That's also Chaturbate servers fucking up its been happening a lot.
Your observation based assumptions are incorrect.
Chaturbate isn't going to close a room or divert traffic because someone is clothed and getting tipped.

No.93868 : Anonymous [2018-04-23 16:21] [Report] []


Do you work from chaturbate then? Looks like you really know how their system works and can clearly tell people if their observations are only assumptions and not. If it is their servers acting up, it won't happen every time in a particular room. I always open several room tabs in my browser. When it happens in Theo's room, it does not happen in other rooms. Also in the past three months watching in cb cams, I can honestly tell you that I have only encountered this in Theo's room.

No.93982 : Anonymous [2018-04-24 01:48] [Report] []

I'm searching if someone has the record of this show, which has been deleted from pornhub.
Thanks in advance to who can share it with me.
I am willing to pay it, obviously.

No.94259 : Anonymous [2018-04-25 07:54] [Report] []

If I had it, I would give it to you for free, but unfortunately I don't have it. I hope you find other people who can help you (always for free, of course).

No.94314 : Anonymous [2018-04-25 12:54] [Report] []

here u are

have fun

No.94334 : Anonymous [2018-04-25 14:44] [Report] []

Thank you so much!

No.94491 : Anonymous [2018-04-26 01:46] [Report] []

Je connais personnellement ce garçon.
Il est une personne d'or.
Comme lui, il y en a peu, dans le monde.
Il a fait une erreur, par nécessité.
Je vous demande de montrer du respect vers lui, en supprimant tout ce que vous avez sur lui.
Un grand merci à vous tous.

I know this boy personally.
He is a golden person.
Like him, there are few, in the world.
He made a mistake, out of necessity.
I ask you to show respect to him, erasing everything you have about him.
A big thanks to all of you.

No.94562 : Anonymous [2018-04-26 09:49] [Report] []


I see. Do you mean by mistake the camming at chaturbate?

No.94566 : Anonymous [2018-04-26 10:14] [Report] []

He has not thought about what consequences this could have for his future.
That has been his mistake.

No.94873 : Anonymous [2018-04-27 13:23] [Report] []

I can send private shows of him by Google drive if interested (caelisth on gmail)

No.95008 : Anonymous [2018-04-28 02:15] [Report] []

How can I contact you?

No.95571 : Anonymous [2018-04-30 05:28] [Report] []


Je répète mon appel.
Je connais personnellement ce garçon.
Il est une personne d'or.
Comme lui, il y en a peu, dans le monde.
Il a fait une erreur, il l'a fait pour des raisons économiques, mais il n'a pas considéré que transmettre et faire des spectacles sur Chaturbate, peut avoir des conséquences négatives sur sa vie et son avenir.
Je vous demande de montrer du respect vers lui, en supprimant tout ce que vous avez sur lui.
Un grand merci à vous tous.

I repeat my appeal.
I know this boy personally.
He is a golden person.
Like him, there are few, in the world.
He made a mistake, he did it for economic necessity, but he has not considered that broadcasting and doing shows on Chaturbate, can have negative consequences for his life and his future.
I ask you to show respect to him, erasing everything you have about him.
A big thanks to all of you.

No.95610 : Anonymous [2018-04-30 10:36] [Report] []
>95571 : he also scammed some people I know (collecting money but not doing what he promised) so well he's not "that" golden (there is reasons if he was banned from chaturbate...)
No.95653 : Anonymous [2018-04-30 13:50] [Report] []

I understand, but if you knew him in person, you would have a different opinion.
If it's possible for you, help me in what I have asked for.
Thank you so much.

No.95713 : Anonymous [2018-04-30 17:35] [Report] []
No.96116 : Anonymous [2018-05-02 05:41] [Report] []

Anybody else who has a complete one aside from this one >>94873. I haven't heard from the guy who posted this. I guess he's no longer interested anymore.

No.96758 : Anonymous [2018-05-04 09:42] [Report] []


No.96813 : Anonymous [2018-05-04 13:33] [Report] []

Look at >>95571

No.101543 : Anonymous [2018-05-19 02:44] [Report] []


No.101596 : Anonymous [2018-05-19 08:52] [Report] []

Still ... what are you waiting for?

No.101660 : Anonymous [2018-05-19 13:29] [Report] []


What are you waiting for what? As if there are people offering some thing.

No.101696 : Anonymous [2018-05-19 16:13] [Report] []

Look at >>95571
The message seems clear enough. Or should I explain it to you in a better way?

No.101758 : Anonymous [2018-05-19 21:07] [Report] []

Who gives a fuck what some stranger's request is?
He's an adult he knew the consequences of his actions.

No.101847 : Anonymous [2018-05-20 03:06] [Report] []

It's clear that you don't know that the diffusion of a private video, without the written authorization from who is in the video, and especially if it contains personal data, it's a crime.

No.102090 : Anonymous [2018-05-20 20:12] [Report] []

I know him personally too, and i can tell you one thing. He did NOT make a mistake to do shows, the thing is he wanted to have quick cash cause he was in need but once he got money he started to get greedy and actually thinking he could do this while being in hiding. What he regretting is now everyone around town knows about this. But everything is just in hush hush on the net and he actually doesn’t know who knows and who doesn’t.

Je le connais personnellement aussi et je peux dire qu’il n’a pas fais une erreur pour les shows. Il avait besoin d’argent et il a choisi la manière rapide, et quand il a commencé à se faire de la thune il est devenu plus grourmand en pensant que cela pourrai rester priver. La seule chose qu’il regrette c’est que c’est devenu la discussion autour de lui car beaucoup qui disent le connaître personnellement en balançant son nom prénom, adresse ou resau sociaux sont au courant et lui font l’an misere.

No.102181 : Anonymous [2018-05-21 01:24] [Report] []

I understand perfectly what you have said, and I would like to talk with you about Théo. How can I contact you? I don't know if here it's possible to give you my e-mail address. In any case, a true friend must protect him, even if Théo was wrong in wanting to take advantage of the situation, making evaluation errors and, perhaps, even taking advantage of the generosity of those who helped him, without ever asking for anything in return. From what you said, I realized that, probably, Théo has only a few "real friends" in his "real life". A real friend protects you in public, but also a real friend tells you how things are, when he talks to you in private, speaking in a sincere way also of the mistakes that Théo did. I helped him, and I'm helping him: I do not know if he took advantage of my generosity and of my loyalty and friendship, but if he did it, is his problem. Life, always gives you in return what you do.

No.102194 : Anonymous [2018-05-21 01:58] [Report] []

Can U reup the vid please ? 😉

No.102251 : Anonymous [2018-05-21 07:01] [Report] []

Knowing that this is an act that has criminal relevance, also for the privacy, I sincerely hope that those who have the video, will be careful not to spread it further. The best thing, of course, is that these people delete it permanently.

No.102278 : Anonymous [2018-05-21 10:13] [Report] []

Blah, blah, blah.......who cares about you knowing him

LoL...take your meds gurl

No.102302 : Anonymous [2018-05-21 11:08] [Report] []

Can someone re-up the video please?

No.102314 : Anonymous [2018-05-21 11:45] [Report] []

Thank you, professor.

No.102325 : Anonymous [2018-05-21 12:44] [Report] []


No.102331 : Anonymous [2018-05-21 13:14] [Report] []

What’s that video? Alfa Romeo?? 🤪

No.102345 : Anonymous [2018-05-21 14:01] [Report] []

Yes, the Giulia Quadrifoglio, in action at Nurburgring (the Green Hell).

No.102625 : Anonymous [2018-05-22 09:14] [Report] []

Ohhh I missed it! Can you please upload the vdo?? Thanks! :D

No.102732 : Anonymous [2018-05-22 16:15] [Report] []

Oh, I'm very sorry ... Do you want that of the Stelvio Quadrifoglio? Always at the Green Hell, of course. 😊

No.103474 : Anonymous [2018-05-24 18:15] [Report] []

Yes! Repost theophilecar’s videos please!!

No.103557 : Anonymous [2018-05-25 00:03] [Report] []

No way!

No.103989 : Anonymous [2018-05-26 09:34] [Report] []

Very cute! Post please! 😄

No.104056 : Anonymous [2018-05-26 15:23] [Report] []

Hey, it's one of my few best friend, so I protect him in any possible way.

No.104373 : Anonymous [2018-05-27 21:19] [Report] []

I'm pretty sure no one cares.

No.104400 : Anonymous [2018-05-28 00:09] [Report] []

When Theo does his avertising here, pretending to be a Theo's friend.
We are'nt idiots. He never does cum shows.

No.104412 : Anonymous [2018-05-28 01:33] [Report] []

I'm absolutely sure no one cares not only about your opinion, but about you.

No.104428 : Anonymous [2018-05-28 02:38] [Report] []

I'm absolutely sure no one cares not only about your opinion, but you.*

No.104447 : Anonymous [2018-05-28 04:00] [Report] []

You are right, he never does cum shows.


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