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No.3555 : Anonymous [2011-12-24 05:00] 1324724403665.jpg (317888 B, 500x667) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP]
317888 B

He's soooo hot!
anyone got more of him naked?

No.3557 : Anonymous [2011-12-24 05:07] 1324724841615.jpg (42728 B, 461x604) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.3558 : Anonymous [2011-12-24 05:12] 1324725138339.jpg (35500 B, 604x453) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.4263 : Anonymous [2012-02-22 15:05] 1329944744165.jpg (35300 B, 500x375) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.4265 : Anonymous [2012-02-22 15:42] []

he had a video he posted on youtube but it got taken off immediately, did anyone see it or have it?

No.4267 : Untold [2012-02-23 20:01] []


I saw it. Was just him getting a BJ in really bad quality. Most of the time is spent with him aiming the camera at her ass crack as she sucks him off. You see his dick for all of about ten seconds.

No.4268 : Anonymous [2012-02-24 04:04] []

He's more than just hot. He's absolutely perfect.

No.4271 : Anonymous [2012-02-24 14:49] 1330116588741.jpg (28108 B, 500x400) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.4272 : Anonymous [2012-02-24 14:50] 1330116643094.jpg (6655 B, 500x375) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.4276 : Timflyte [2012-02-25 03:44] 1330163062002.jpg (196629 B, 768x1024) [YIS] [GIS] []
196629 B

Any links to his video's?!

No.4303 : Anonymous [2012-02-28 12:06] []

He's on stickam almost nightly, someone should record him (:

No.4304 : Anonymous [2012-02-28 23:52] []



No.4309 : Anonymous [2012-03-01 00:08] []

whiteboync91 same as his tumblr where these pics are from (:

No.4383 : Anonymous [2012-03-09 01:35] 1331278550640.jpg (89761 B, 534x399) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.4406 : Anonymous [2012-03-09 20:18] []

Where is that last picture from?

No.4506 : Anonymous [2012-03-20 00:26] []

He supposedly has a big sextape collection. Anybody think you could trick him into giving them over? lol

No.4520 : Untold [2012-03-21 15:05] []

For the love of GOD, please tell me there is more to this. And I second the notion of someone getting his sex tape collection.

No.4876 : N7 [2012-05-03 00:09] []

you can trolll his tumblr archives for pics of him, I think all the nudes on his tumblr are already posted here. he does post a rather large amount of ladyporn, so if you're averse, then dont go to his tumblr. That being said, he'd be really easy to troll if you have a set of camwhore girls, or vids. He seems like the "stupid when horny" type, easy to troll, etc.

I'd do it but I don't find him attractive enough/not bored enough

No.5083 : Anonymous [2012-05-28 11:31] []

Anyone have anything new on him?

No.5086 : Anonymous [2012-05-28 15:19] []

You'd have to hit him up on skype or get a real girl to do it for you. He's very suspicious and very homophobic.

No.5830 : Untold [2012-08-26 00:13] []

Anyone have anything new regarding him?

No.7335 : Anonymous [2013-01-14 09:45] []

Any new pics of this hottie?

No.7733 : mru [2013-02-21 04:50] []

No new pics. Anyone know a girl to get her to add him on fb to cam see if he'd give her vids too?

He adds almost all girls.

I have a short clip of him on stickam. How can I share that file?

No.7735 : Anonymous [2013-02-21 23:27] []

im friends with him on fb but i dont think id have much luck being a dude

No.7756 : Anonymous [2013-02-25 06:18] 1361791096934.jpg (64088 B, 375x500) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.9705 : Anonymous [2013-07-26 19:45] []



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