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No.30260 : Anonymous [2016-02-14 01:37] [Report] 1455431844377.png (891083 B, 750x1334) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP]
891083 B

Anyone have any nudes of him? Name is rjportales on Instagram.

No.30261 : Anonymous [2016-02-14 01:37] [Report] 1455431870441.png (847987 B, 750x1334) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.32671 : Anonymous [2016-03-20 16:51] [Report] []

He's hot!

No.37853 : Anonymous [2016-05-21 11:31] [Report] []

Fuck he is HOT. ANybody know he is Top or Bottom?

No.37862 : Anonymous [2016-05-21 12:29] [Report] 1463848199488.jpg (82429 B, 640x480) [YIS] [GIS] []
82429 B

>>37853 He seems to be masculine and his bf has twink look. So, i guess he is top.
FYI his friend, isaior is also super hot.

No.37944 : Anonymous [2016-05-22 05:31] [Report] []

You can't get the masculine look fools you. I know it from my expereince. So many mascular masculine men are total bottom. Its about the sensation of giving himself up to weaker guys turns him on. I get the vibe he is a bottom. Look through his IG pictures, you can see he is the one who always leans his head or body more to his twink bf. Lol

Just my experience haha. Its so hot if he does bottom.

No.37955 : Anonymous [2016-05-22 06:53] [Report] []

Yea, the bigger hulking hot masculine guys usually are bottoms in my experience, which is a bummer as a bottom myself. It's always the skinnier guys who are tops.

Strictly speaking from experience. Don't @ me.

No.37961 : Anonymous [2016-05-22 08:51] [Report] []

I am a slim guy, not a twink yet not a hulk too. Most guys i fucked were muscular bottom. You just have to know how to make him submit. Some were open about their submissiveness , some were too shy and act taugh at first. as a top, its fun to make these masculine guys finally lift their legs on my shoulders and let their inner bitchy took over lol.

Once you fuck them, their ass is yours. I wish someone has pictures or videos of mr. Roberto got fucked. Is that too much too ask? Lol.

No.44185 : Anonymous [2016-07-24 16:43] [Report] []

Anything on him?

No.44205 : Anonymous [2016-07-24 19:19] [Report] []

lols, maybe w/ LA qweens...? >_> I mean it does depend on the guy, sure. But most YOUNG muscular guys that are into slimmer/fit guys are vers-tops.

just scoping all his IG pics where he's CARRYING his BF around I would say he's either a vers-top or a top, simply based on that shit.

he has the body of a 40ish y/o guy that's in shape, tho...

No.45606 : Anonymous [2016-08-05 23:53] [Report] []

He is moving to LA per IG post so must be opportunity to get some pics if he is top or bottom! Bump!

No.45651 : Anonymous [2016-08-06 12:15] [Report] []


Muscular guy here. I'm a vers top but I don't midn bottoming for someone whom I find special. I don't have a particular type, that is to say I don't exactly reject people if I find them attractive. I've had a wide attraction my entire life.

Just can't stand dicks, liars and manipulators.


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