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No.28676 : Anonymous [2016-01-24 01:23] [Report] 1453616592244.jpg (364314 B, 960x1280) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP]
364314 B

Joelk1691 thread pt 2 since the old one has reached the bump limit!!

No.28722 : Anonymous [2016-01-24 19:23] [Report] []

Any word on that vid?

No.28742 : Anonymous [2016-01-24 21:26] [Report] []

special thanks to the anon who posted those full body nudes in the old thread. good stuff

No.28871 : Anonymous [2016-01-26 23:36] [Report] []

Those are tumblr

No.28909 : Anonymous [2016-01-27 19:54] [Report] []

He put those up on Tumblr?

No.28912 : Anonymous [2016-01-27 21:31] [Report] []

Who has these vids?

No.28929 : Anonymous [2016-01-28 09:44] [Report] []

Nice body, hideous ass face.

No.29012 : Anonymous [2016-01-29 18:30] [Report] []


No.29051 : Anonymous [2016-01-30 00:38] [Report] []

would love to see more! please more

No.29052 : Anonymous [2016-01-30 00:42] [Report] 1454132524867.jpg (19048 B, 443x443) [YIS] [GIS] []
19048 B

cute pic

No.29067 : Anonymous [2016-01-30 08:02] [Report] []
>> 45154 cute
No.29082 : Anonymous [2016-01-30 12:33] [Report] []

Wait. This guy made videos?!?

No.29084 : Anonymous [2016-01-30 13:17] [Report] []

any videos of him?

No.29126 : Anonymous [2016-01-31 00:05] [Report] []

>>29067these posts have been in moderation all day?

No.29227 : Anonymous [2016-02-01 07:43] [Report] []

He offered me 10 nudes for $100. Did this happen to anyone else?

No.29239 : Anonymous [2016-02-01 08:45] [Report] []

He has nudes?

No.29259 : Anonymous [2016-02-01 12:54] [Report] []


yeah he offered the same thing. and 350 for one video. he's hot but he aint that hot

No.29278 : Anonymous [2016-02-01 15:28] [Report] []

>>29259 lol shit. Pretty sure you can a get a night with an actual prostidude for cheaper than that. Sure, you'd probably risk getting the hiv, but still cheaper.

No.29280 : Anonymous [2016-02-01 16:37] [Report] []

>>29259 For 100$ or 350$ he have to make AT LEAST 5 video of him jerking off showing his body, ass, face, etc., 2 videos of him fucking something (a boy, a girl, a doll, whatever) AND send you his used boxer or... for 100$ or 350$ he can come to your house and give you a fuck...

REALLY? I'm a big fan of this guy, I'm the one that made the pics compilations of him on the old thread but c'mon... 100$ or 350$ for some "nude" video it's crazy.

No.29286 : Anonymous [2016-02-01 18:05] [Report] []


Yeah - see >>28372 (in the old thread)

Anyone know where that came from?

No.29312 : Anonymous [2016-02-02 01:31] [Report] []

Where'd the ones on the old feed come from? There has to be videos and pictures out there.

No.29317 : Anonymous [2016-02-02 07:13] [Report] []

If anyone has any nudes/videos of him kik me at zoezoe9292 and im willing to trade whatever I have that you like, over about 5k pics and vids of guys

No.29338 : Anonymous [2016-02-02 16:20] [Report] []

I paid the $100 for the 10 pics and all I got was a lot of shirtless pics with his soft dick

No.29341 : Anonymous [2016-02-02 17:18] [Report] []


post that softie!!

No.29348 : Anonymous [2016-02-02 18:36] [Report] 1454456218460.png (366164 B, 540x960) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.29351 : Anonymous [2016-02-02 19:25] [Report] []

Hey dude who posted that soft pic message me on kik like above zoezoe9292 ☝ got lots of stuff you might want to trade for like getting a straight guy to blow on his face and eat it ect

No.29360 : Anonymous [2016-02-02 21:42] [Report] []

If anyone else has vids/pics kik me as above ☝ have the burgess twins from rugby fame and kyle from geordie shore (not the best pics from him but still good)

No.29361 : Anonymous [2016-02-02 21:42] [Report] []

Thanks for that softie!!

No.29363 : Anonymous [2016-02-02 22:07] [Report] []

lmao thanks for taking the hit and sharing

No.29367 : Anonymous [2016-02-02 23:23] [Report] []


Thanks for posting! If you're willing, I'm sure we'd all love to see some of the other softie pics he sent. :)

No.29374 : Anonymous [2016-02-03 01:49] [Report] []

Honestly, I think we'd all like to see these. Share!

No.29381 : Anonymous [2016-02-03 02:50] [Report] []

Hey anon, thanks for taking the hit and for posting the soft pic!!
A shame Joel thinks a pic of his soft dick it's worth 100 or 350$, the people want to pay for his nudes/jerk off videos/sex videos! But that price for a pic of a soft dick it's too much. Joel, if you someway read this please think about it, you are super cute and hot and a lot of people want to pay buy not for something like that.

No.29389 : Anonymous [2016-02-03 08:02] [Report] []

Where do go to ask him for his nudes?

No.29415 : Anonymous [2016-02-03 13:27] [Report] []

anymore nudes?

No.29417 : Anonymous [2016-02-03 13:40] [Report] 1454524823328.png (333881 B, 540x960) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.29430 : Anonymous [2016-02-03 15:54] [Report] []

>>29417 Soo short even erected but I want to choke on that dick anyways

No.29438 : Anonymous [2016-02-03 16:35] [Report] []

I don't think he is fully erect, but he is still hot and I would suck on that anytime he wanted me too.. Lol

No.29439 : Anonymous [2016-02-03 17:10] [Report] []

Really? He looks like Rocky Dennis with a six pack and baby dick. Hard pass

No.29473 : Anonymous [2016-02-03 23:26] [Report] []

>>29417 Thanks so much! Really appreciate you sharing! Hopefully someone has some more, he's got an AMAZING body! :)

No.29476 : Anonymous [2016-02-04 00:57] [Report] []

>>29417 I LOVE YOU. These are amazing. $100 seems like a lot, but it has the potential to be worth it. Though he should take requests for that amount (I'd probably get the same pics if I paid...)

No.29477 : Anonymous [2016-02-04 01:11] [Report] []

With just a little, just a little more bush down there he would be perfect, big or short dick (doesn't matter)

No.29479 : Anonymous [2016-02-04 01:34] [Report] []

If for every time I've fapped thinking about this guy somebody give him a penny, he would be Scrooge McDuck. Thanks anon for the pics, 100$ it's a lot of money, at 100$ he have to give a video jerking and cumming or something :/

No.29500 : Anonymous [2016-02-04 11:15] [Report] []

Thanks. Anymore nude pics? Such a hot guy. Perfect body, perfect face. Are there any pics of him hard? X_X Thnx

No.29509 : Anonymous [2016-02-04 11:30] [Report] []

Where do u ask him for his nudes?

No.29514 : Anonymous [2016-02-04 13:04] [Report] []

@45602 and 45611, you will both find the answer to your questions in the old thread.

No.29635 : Anonymous [2016-02-05 23:50] [Report] []

How about any good vids? Has anybody gotten anything more than what was in the old post?

No.29676 : Anonymous [2016-02-06 13:06] [Report] []

just a heads up, his "joelk1691" instagram account has been recently changed to private.

No.29678 : Anonymous [2016-02-06 13:31] [Report] []

Any more nudez?

No.29697 : Anonymous [2016-02-06 16:21] [Report] []


of course it is lol he knows about this thread and the mistake he made selling nudez

No.29709 : Anonymous [2016-02-06 18:54] [Report] []

>>29697 why would it spook him for selling nudes

No.29711 : Anonymous [2016-02-06 18:56] [Report] []

no more nudes than?

No.29718 : Anonymous [2016-02-06 21:25] [Report] []

Maybe we have to stop posting nudes, just buy the material... a lot of it, and when we have enough we post all of it...

In this way, posting one or two nude pics, we are scaring him (I think).

No.29812 : Anonymous [2016-02-08 00:12] [Report] 1454908370835.jpg (58572 B, 540x960) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.29813 : Anonymous [2016-02-08 00:14] [Report] 1454908485850.jpg (43495 B, 540x960) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.29829 : Anonymous [2016-02-08 08:29] [Report] []

thanks. Such a stud. Anymore? He should be thankful that so many people enjoy pics of his rip body.

No.29830 : Anonymous [2016-02-08 08:41] [Report] []

>>29178 if he knows about this site why hasnt he asked for the nudes to be deleted?

No.29831 : Anonymous [2016-02-08 08:42] [Report] []

has anyone got any of his J/O videos?

No.29832 : Anonymous [2016-02-08 08:48] [Report] []

Very nice! Thanks

No.29838 : Anonymous [2016-02-08 09:49] [Report] []

Is it just me or did his dick get smaller compared to the first of his dick pics that was posted in the old thread a long time ago.

No.29839 : Anonymous [2016-02-08 10:41] [Report] []

Thnx. Hot

No.29859 : Anonymous [2016-02-08 13:07] [Report] []

>>29829 That's right, I mean, we can look like thirsty guys... but I really enjoy looking at his body, as I've said short dick or not. He's a stunning looking dude with an amazing body (what I like is that he's not super deformed/buff like some other guys, Please Joel don't overwork your body or fill it with roids). Hope someone can get a video of him jerking off!

No.29887 : Anonymous [2016-02-08 19:26] [Report] []

>>29812 >>29813 Thanks a lot! Hope someone can make a video of him jerking off

No.29992 : Anonymous [2016-02-10 01:36] [Report] []

His Kik AND Snapchat ID is: hyfr_joelk

He ask almost 300 (albeit negotiable... I've heard in the old thread that someone negotiated it down to 150$... In my opinion: The price it's a bad joke) for a jerk video with cum (no face but I bet that it's negotiable too)... and 100 for 10 pics.

The prices are crazy, I mean, for that money you could get a subscription to some porn site or something, the guy it's hot and I´m a fan of him like a said but this price it's crazy. 150$ it's a 60 min compilation of him jerking off in all imaginable ways and him fucking girls and/or guys.

No.29996 : Anonymous [2016-02-10 02:29] [Report] []


Yeah, some porn sites offer year long subscriptions for around $150. Sometimes less lmfao

No.30039 : Anonymous [2016-02-10 18:00] [Report] []

Well when we finally get our hands on one of his videos, I'm sure he will not disappoint....

No.30052 : Anonymous [2016-02-10 20:54] [Report] []

i just spent $700 on two of his J/O videos. Will steamy. But i was told not to share them.

No.30060 : Anonymous [2016-02-10 23:16] [Report] []

>>30052 Shit, for $700 I wouldn't share shit either lol.

Though I also wouldn't be deluded enough to spend money to watch some kid jerk off but too each his own, I guess.

No.30063 : Anonymous [2016-02-10 23:37] [Report] []

Then why would you even bother telling us?

No.30064 : Anonymous [2016-02-10 23:41] [Report] []

>>30052 Did you really spend that? I mean, this guy is hot as fuck I would gladly pay "something" (not 300$) for a video of him jerking off, or fucking, or a compilation vid no less than 60 min... But 700!! Holy f*ck! I think I would start doing gym classes and start selling videos online :P

No.30120 : Anonymous [2016-02-12 02:32] [Report] []

Guys, guys, he's a Trump supporter.

Can we all just rally together in our mutual disgust and share his pics and vids now?

No.30127 : Anonymous [2016-02-12 07:31] [Report] []

To the guy that has his vids kik me zoezoe92. I have some very nice things I can give you in return

No.30129 : Anonymous [2016-02-12 08:30] [Report] []

any more pics?

No.30137 : Anonymous [2016-02-12 10:42] [Report] []

I almost feel guilty asking for the videos from someone who just paid $700 for them. I know if I just spent $700, No one would tell me that I couldn't share them...

No.30143 : Anonymous [2016-02-12 13:02] [Report] []

if these people can easily spend $700 on a couple of jerk off vids and a set of pictures of a guy who isn't even that hot, $700 means nothing to them.

No.30146 : Anonymous [2016-02-12 13:09] [Report] []

>>30137 It's a little stupid from his part (not the guy who spent 700$... ok... spend 700$ for a video it's a bit crazy, personally I don't believe that this guy spent 700 and it's just only trolling us, but if it's true anyone can do with his money whatever he/she want), I mean, someone pays you 700$ and you tell him what he can and can't do with the video he paid for in the first place?

No.30147 : Anonymous [2016-02-12 13:09] [Report] []

>>30052 you're full of it >>30120 so what.

No.30257 : Anonymous [2016-02-14 01:21] [Report] []

Don't let this die

No.30275 : Anonymous [2016-02-14 08:54] [Report] []

>>30257 agreed

No.30276 : Anonymous [2016-02-14 09:38] [Report] []

>>30257 It already did

No.30320 : Anonymous [2016-02-14 22:05] [Report] []

I'm refusing to give up on this thread

No.30325 : Anonymous [2016-02-14 23:44] [Report] []

can anyone reupload those mega share videos??

No.30419 : Anonymous [2016-02-16 19:42] [Report] []

Won't his videos and pics become devalued if we post them everywhere? That'll sure lower the price...

No.30440 : Anonymous [2016-02-16 22:04] [Report] []

>>30419 The problem is: I don't believe that someone had paid 700$ for just a video, and after that he had come here and said "I have a video but I can't share it! opss sorry", for me it's just a troll.

But let's play, let's imagine that some kind of video exist... a VERY expensive one... but it exist, the problem with sharing just a video at once is the the guy (Joel) would get scared and no other video would be produced.

But anyways, we all love the guy, he's hot as hell, but I think that ALL of us have better things to spend 150$ or 300$ than on 10 pics or a simple video. And if this guy is selling everything I don't think catfishing would work on this one.

No.30490 : Anonymous [2016-02-17 08:01] [Report] []

>>30440 Last person out turn off the lights lol

No.30527 : Anonymous [2016-02-17 23:09] [Report] []

I don't think all the pics submitted so far even equals 10

No.30614 : Anonymous [2016-02-19 11:37] [Report] []

We need to make a Kickstarter or something lol :P

No.30618 : Anonymous [2016-02-19 13:38] [Report] []

Quietly shuts off the lights

No.30629 : Anonymous [2016-02-19 17:27] [Report] []

His videos are 350 (confirmed) he actually has 3 videos: two jo and one bj :P

Can I imagine someone spending that much... yes! In the mean time can anon who purchased pictures post some more up !!!!

<quietly turn the lights back on , open the door, call friends over, order pizza, turn on the music, and watch as it gets rolling again>

No.30645 : Anonymous [2016-02-19 21:08] [Report] []

>>30629 I'm hungry so I like the pizza idea! :P

Btw, the BJ vid it's with a girl or another guy?... I don't know, 350$ (US Dollars) it's a little step, with that money I can get a Samsung S5 unlocked, or a PS4, or subscriptions to various porn sites, or a taxi boy to fuck...

He's hot as fuck, but not 350$ dollars hot. (Not even 300$ or 150$)

No.30676 : Anonymous [2016-02-20 15:00] [Report] []

Quietly pulls the fuse from the fuse box, bolts the door shut, puts for rent sign in front yard.

No.30715 : Anonymous [2016-02-21 04:13] [Report] []

can someone re-up the vids?

No.30719 : Anonymous [2016-02-21 08:23] [Report] []

Is it just me, or did his dick look bigger a couple of years ago? Like the pic of him under the comforter

No.30722 : Anonymous [2016-02-21 09:13] [Report] []

>>30719. Exactly that's what I said, it does look smaller now.

No.30752 : Anonymous [2016-02-21 16:44] [Report] []

He has a friend that I also follow on ig Logan Leblanc. He is a bodybuilder and apparently does shows and stuff he is not bad to look at either.

No.30807 : Anonymous [2016-02-22 15:36] [Report] []

MAybe start a new threat on him then?

No.30809 : Anonymous [2016-02-22 16:02] [Report] []

Oh wow

No.30825 : Anonymous [2016-02-22 18:15] [Report] []

Has anyone hit Logan up? Does he sell nudes and stuff like that?

No.30851 : Anonymous [2016-02-23 03:22] [Report] []

Ohhhh guys cmon for f*cking god sake!!! The $700 and the never seen and super exclusive videos were a joke lol
I don't have the videos and never, I repeat NEVER I would spend any money whatsoever in this micropenis dude. You all looked like thirsty qeens, hell you all even wanted to pay real cash money to see his little finger between his legs (protip: the microscope it's not included in the 700 package)
So well, this was funny at least, but the joke grow old, life continues, the show must go on, a fool and his money and all of that.

No.30867 : Anonymous [2016-02-23 11:48] [Report] []

lol let people live, yes he has a small dick, but he is still quite attractive to some people so i don't see why you should shame them for that or for wanting to buy his pics/vids. also he has every right to charge however much he wants to send people nudes, especially considering they get leaked to sites like this -- if i were him i'd want good compensation too considering the risk one takes exposing oneself online like that especially if i knew there were people willing to pay that much and clearly there are.

No.30883 : Anonymous [2016-02-23 19:29] [Report] []

I've seen the nude pics posted on tumblr so it's only a matter of time before he sees them if he hasn't already

No.31216 : Anonymous [2016-02-28 20:35] [Report] []
No.31354 : Anonymous [2016-03-01 20:17] [Report] []

>>31216 lol classic

No.31642 : Anonymous [2016-03-06 02:08] [Report] []

He has a gf guys! She is fucking sexy. Go look at her insta. I would have thought he was gay.

No.31645 : Anonymous [2016-03-06 03:36] [Report] []

Shit, this guy it's so hot, shame we didn't get any new photo or video from him.

No.32594 : Anonymous [2016-03-19 23:07] [Report] []

Damn i cant stop visiting this, hoping any new picture to appear. Would be great if someone can reupload those workout videos

No.32623 : Anonymous [2016-03-20 10:12] [Report] []

Have one of his strip/ jerk off vids and one of his bj vids. Kik me if you have any vids of him and you wanna trade. Mattc0229 on Kik

No.32625 : Anonymous [2016-03-20 10:33] [Report] []

>>32623 here we go again trading like if he were a Pokemon... So much for try to help...

No.32636 : Anonymous [2016-03-20 11:39] [Report] []

post videos plz...

No.32691 : Anonymous [2016-03-20 20:27] [Report] []

please post videos, the links have expired

No.32811 : Anonymous [2016-03-22 01:27] [Report] []


No.33030 : Anonymous [2016-03-24 20:43] [Report] []

Him and his gf broke up so maybe we can get more from him finally!!

No.33050 : Anonymous [2016-03-25 00:14] [Report] []

>>33030 they broke up? How do you know?

No.33111 : Anonymous [2016-03-25 16:34] [Report] []

Can confirm. He broke up with her

No.33112 : Anonymous [2016-03-25 16:35] [Report] []

Still have vids of Joel to trade for his other vids. Only look for stuff of his. Kik mattc0229

No.33116 : Anonymous [2016-03-25 17:55] [Report] []

Post them on a site that we can all download from. That's the point of this forum

No.33119 : Anonymous [2016-03-25 19:02] [Report] []

>>33116 I've spent >600$ on all of this. I'm not just gonna give it away freely.

No.33120 : Anonymous [2016-03-25 20:24] [Report] []

#49221Then go post on a trading forum, or elsewhere, and stop bombarding us with trade request. This is not the place for trading.

No.33121 : Anonymous [2016-03-25 20:28] [Report] []

>>33120 You tell him! This a sharing forum. If you wanna barter go elsewhere.

No.33125 : Anonymous [2016-03-25 22:28] [Report] []

>>33121>>33121 Yea hit the road jack!

No.33128 : Anonymous [2016-03-26 00:06] [Report] []

The problem it's not the guy trying to exchange what he have. The problem (lately) it's the guys/troll coming here and saying "I have something super rare, something no one had ever seen... But I will not share it, sorry lolz".
And to finish, I don't believe that this guy had pay 600 for a video, but I'll bet my life for sure he downloaded all the things that people have posted in this thread (and the old one) for free.

No.33131 : Anonymous [2016-03-26 00:47] [Report] []

Can anyone who has the videos re upload them for those who haven't got to see them. Please and thank you. I have this guy on ig. I'm trying to see what I can get out of him. And don't worry I'll share with you all. Thanks in advance for anyone who can re upload the videos

No.33191 : Anonymous [2016-03-27 02:03] [Report] []

>>33157 THANK YOU

No.33245 : Anonymous [2016-03-27 19:42] [Report] []

Any news on that blowjob video?

No.33331 : Anonymous [2016-03-28 23:27] [Report] []

>>33245 Its the $600 rumor lol

No.33807 : Anonymous [2016-04-05 16:30] [Report] []

What is he doing on the younow? He should show something lol

No.33832 : Anonymous [2016-04-06 00:27] [Report] []

Heres a teaser video of him. The original poster has been nuked but theres a good chance of him coming back with more.

No.33866 : Anonymous [2016-04-06 17:08] [Report] []

Where's more?! that's a good video tbh but now he's smaller don't you think?

No.33873 : Anonymous [2016-04-06 20:16] [Report] []

I need the rest, it's too good.

No.33877 : Anonymous [2016-04-06 20:51] [Report] []

aside from that video does anyone have the higher definition version of his workout vids? someone said in the last thread that there where better copies then the ones i reposted above.

No.33913 : Anonymous [2016-04-07 11:55] [Report] []

I know! Where are the better quality videos? Btw any update of his videos?

No.34021 : Anonymous [2016-04-09 22:44] [Report] []

here's a link to the third part of this thread for those of you who haven't seen it yet


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