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No.27006 : Anonymous [2016-01-02 18:08] [Report] 1451776133299.jpg (50483 B, 640x478) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP]
50483 B

Anyone have anymore nudes or vids of Jason Borish aka Flex Coleman?? I know he did some amature gay for pay porn a couple years back. Sexflexible had posted his vids a while back any chance anyone have them?? :)

No.27015 : Anonymous [2016-01-02 22:02] [Report] []

Yes please!! I totally agree! Greatly appreciate who could find more.

No.27016 : Anonymous [2016-01-02 22:04] [Report] 1451790267777.jpg (113972 B, 764x1024) [YIS] [GIS] []
113972 B

Yes. Go to he just posted his nudes today

No.27022 : Anonymous [2016-01-03 02:06] [Report] []


Yeah but steve pena and no one else that ive seen except sexflexible has ever posted the gay (for pay?) cam show that borish did with the black guy. it was only up for a week or so and i didn't have time to figure out how to snag it (they had it embedded in a difficult way). wasn't banking on it disappearing so soon and i've never seen it since. does ANYONE have it? ANYONE????????

IMO jason borish has a pretty small dick that doesn't fit with his cocky/alpha attitude...which is what made the video so fucking HOT. finally seeing him get his throat and ass fucked by a huge black dick was like golden treasure at the end of the rainbow.

No.27036 : Anonymous [2016-01-03 05:55] [Report] []

Hey, I have one JB video watermarked "sexflexible" that I got off of, it looks like a Skype show. He's with the guy you're talking about I think, but Jason only sucks him. Are you sure there's a video where JB gets fucked? Because if so that means there's more than one video out there, which is news to me :/ :/ :/ :/ btw in the video I have JB says he's only into black guys and that he's 100% str8 other than that. The other guy in the video is str8 and married and won't do anything back to Jason.

No.27038 : slamm [2016-01-03 08:26] [Report] []

>>27036 Can you post the link to the gaytorrents page? I can't find the video you're talking about.

No.27055 : Anonymous [2016-01-03 13:50] [Report] []

Yes if you could please post the video to where we could download I would greatly appreciate it!! ;) would def make a great start to my New Year!! :)

No.27081 : Anonymous [2016-01-03 19:38] [Report] []


there were a few vids on sex flexible. three with him and his black friend. in one they jerked themselves. in the second jason sucked his friend. the guy is quite endowed and jason handled it easily-you could tell it wasn't his first time doing this. in the third jason sucked his friend and got fucked by him. your right-jason said he was only in to black guys and would play the submissive role with them and only them.. in one of the videos they speak into the camera to a guy named "alphonse" who is probably the person that paid for the shows.

in the other two videos he was in his 'flex coleman' persona. in the first one one of his slaves gave jason a cash shower and did muscle worship on him. in the second one jason talked to the camera like the viewer was his slave and we got a nice tour of jason's body. he then stripped down and took a shower, but then the camera cut to him taking a bath, where u could see him jerking himself some (he didn't cum).

i suspect jason didn't show much cock or if he did it was mostly obscured because he was aware that his lack of size would kill his 'dom' fantasy persona for a lot of guys. i'm not a size queen by any means but jason is well below average. (4.5-5" is a good estimate)
i'm not sure if any of them are on but i know links used to be on datalounge. sex flexible tweeted in response to someone about the videos the other day.

No.27113 : Anonymous [2016-01-04 05:06] [Report] []

So im sure with all this info out there and you guys have seen it. Someone must have atleast have one of these videos of him sucking or getting pounded by this big cock haha please someone post a link ; )

No.27141 : Anonymous [2016-01-04 18:00] [Report] []

Can someone post the video. Want to see him getting fucked. please.

No.27336 : Anonymous [2016-01-07 23:27] [Report] []

Can someone please post the video??

No.28191 : Anonymous [2016-01-19 00:09] [Report] []

Any luck with the video?? Hopefully someone has it...

No.37194 : Anonymous [2016-05-15 00:09] [Report] []

here's one of them but this one has been floating around for a while. does anyone have any of the others?

No.39053 : Anonymous [2016-06-02 07:33] [Report] []

Bump! I'm dying to see the Borish sex vids and have been looking for them for years. Can anyone share them or give a hint about where to find them?

No.39062 : Anonymous [2016-06-02 09:45] [Report] []

bump for the sex video!

No.39388 : Anonymous [2016-06-05 18:20] [Report] []

>>37194 can you please re upload the video?

No.39428 : Anonymous [2016-06-06 07:10] [Report] []

I've been looking for the Jason Borish sex vids for years! Are they just a legend?

No.41205 : Anonymous [2016-06-25 17:56] [Report] []

Please! Can some share the vids?? :)

No.49240 : Anonymous [2016-12-12 19:46] [Report] []

Bump! Anyone have more of him please!! Thanks in advance:)

No.49485 : Anonymous [2016-12-30 22:08] [Report] []

Bump for this ! ! !


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