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No.26861 : Anonymous [2015-12-30 14:39] [Report] 1451504364840.png (161199 B, 469x353) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP]
161199 B

Anybody has material and/or news on this C4 user from some years ago? He went by the names of TomGee, TommyUhOh, tommyo, tommyohno and Elliotstar.

No.26862 : Anonymous [2015-12-30 14:39] [Report] 1451504391990.png (186385 B, 471x351) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.26941 : Anonymous [2016-01-01 06:26] [Report] []


No.31914 : Anonymous [2016-03-10 07:52] [Report] []

Mmm, i remember him. So wished i was one of the guys he did shows with

No.31937 : Anonymous [2016-03-10 18:43] [Report] []

Yeah, I remember this guy. He was so hot. Didn't always get naked, but when he did he was fantastic. I used to have a whole bunch of videos of him but I lost them when my HD failed :-/

No.31950 : Anonymous [2016-03-11 00:36] [Report] []
No.31957 : Anonymous [2016-03-11 03:21] [Report] []

That video is hot! He was such a nice guy too. Wish someone had more

No.31992 : Anonymous [2016-03-11 19:19] [Report] []

>>31950 thanks!!

No.32092 : Anonymous [2016-03-13 13:24] [Report] []

Mmm More

No.32361 : Anonymous [2016-03-17 11:39] [Report] []


Mmm, that video is hot. He is beautiful.

No.32914 : Anonymous [2016-03-23 04:58] [Report] []


I cant watch it when i finished downloading it... any other way?

No.33170 : Anonymous [2016-03-26 15:31] [Report] 1459020713244.jpg (115939 B, 1366x811) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.33194 : Anonymous [2016-03-27 04:42] [Report] []

Post the video, if you have it

No.42356 : Anonymous [2016-07-07 05:33] [Report] []

I weirdly still think about this guy from time to time, he is hot and nice. Anymore vids?

No.42384 : Anonymous [2016-07-07 11:46] [Report] []

Also still think about this guy a lot! Probably the first guy I enjoyed logging onto cam4 with even just to chat. God that was so long ago though. Last I heard he had a boyfriend, hope everything is fine with him now, his modelmayhem account has gone

No.42420 : Anonymous [2016-07-07 21:11] [Report] []

Sometimes I wish there was a database where you could find out what happened to retired camwhores or porn actors. Most I don't care about, but the few who linger in my memory, like this guy, it would be nice to know they're doing well or whatever.


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