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No.2680 : Anonymous [2011-10-19 01:23] 1318987391270.jpg (64048 B, 450x600) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP]
64048 B

Does anyone have more of him? I think I know him in real life...

No.2791 : Anonymous [2011-10-22 12:49] []


No.2799 : Anonymous [2011-10-22 21:47] 1319320046437.jpg (94483 B, 450x338) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.2800 : Anonymous [2011-10-22 21:47] 1319320077213.jpg (61990 B, 233x311) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.2803 : Anonymous [2011-10-22 21:49] 1319320151456.jpg (186716 B, 450x603) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.2804 : Anonymous [2011-10-22 21:49] 1319320178266.jpg (176538 B, 450x600) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.2860 : Anonymous [2011-10-28 17:18] []

What a hottie! MOREE?!!

No.2861 : Anonymous [2011-10-28 17:51] []

I second that motion!

No.2950 : Anonymous [2011-11-04 17:58] []

i want moar

No.2951 : peekaboo [2011-11-05 12:00] []

how come every hot guy on here somebody says they know him. if u really know him why u asking for more pics in here? just go to his house and take some more of your own. he's obviously not shy about it.

No.2956 : Anonymous [2011-11-06 20:08] []

>>2951 yelled at all of us just like someone I know!! lol

No.2964 : mcess [2011-11-08 07:26] []

I don't know him. But gosh, he makes really cute faces.
Also cute underwear collection! Good stuff, really all round. Hooray, that boy. Hear hear! More, etc...

No.3390 : Anonymous [2011-12-09 19:08] []

wow u typed a name, now i believe you. cuz that's such an italian sounding name. and hair like justin bieber. must be from italy.

No.3408 : Anonymous [2011-12-10 20:13] []

People need to learn that Google image search can be a very powerful tool. I also searched using these photos and was taken right to the doorstep of his personal profile page on some sort of photo/journal site. (I forget what it was.) He seems to be a well known and popular cam whore, but has never done nudity because of his age. I'm sure he will show cock once he's ready.

No.3443 : Anonymous [2011-12-11 14:33] []

well i'm sure he appreciates you using his full name so crazy stalkers find out where he lives. nice going dumbass. i hope he sees this and kicks your ass!

No.7259 : Anonymous [2013-01-04 09:51] 1357311116670.jpg (47939 B, 544x729) [YIS] [GIS] []
47939 B

Its on tumblr

No.7260 : Anonymous [2013-01-04 14:54] 1357329249740.jpg (9624 B, 240x180) [YIS] [GIS] []
9624 B

I've seen this great, but short, video around the internet of this guy cumming...Anybody know if there is more?

No.7261 : Anonymous [2013-01-04 14:57] []

Sorry, the above post was meant to be its own thread.

No.7583 : Anonymous [2013-02-06 18:36] []

damn stalker freaks. get some help


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