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No.26083 : Anonymous [2015-12-14 15:53] [Report] 1450126404784.jpg (199488 B, 600x900) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP]
199488 B

Anyone knows who this is??

No.26155 : Anonymous [2015-12-15 13:51] [Report] []

Please, someone should know what his name is

No.26156 : Anonymous [2015-12-15 14:54] [Report] []

is it Forrest of Corbin Fisher?

No.26183 : Anonymous [2015-12-16 05:04] [Report] []

Forrest on CF, Lyle on Chaosmen, etc. He did a bunch of solos and some m/f scenes and one getting sucked by a dude. His real name is Mike Mcdaniels, from FL, used to escort. Idk if they do any more but that site had a few vids of him and a friend of his from a cellphone posted that someone emailed them. It was like 2 years ago. Mike sucked dick in one of them.

No.26194 : Anonymous [2015-12-16 15:08] [Report] []

Thank you so very much for the information guys! Any videos?? :D

No.26199 : J [2015-12-16 23:11] [Report] []

He's really cute and is on temptationofeve. I have videos from that.
You can also see his various names on porn sites here

No.26200 : slamm [2015-12-17 00:09] [Report] []

He appears on six porn sites using various names but he has only done one action scene, with a girl at Corbin Fisher.

Straight Fraternity as Jag
Man Avenue as Tony Austin
Corbin Fisher as Forrest
Chaos Men as Lyle
Flirt4Free as Brady Dexter

He was on Daredorm in April 2010, appeared in a Haze Him video called No Guts No Glory [gallery 01 and gallery 02] released March 2011, and even appeared in Clayton's solo video on Fratmen in October 2011. And yes, Clayton is also Justin B from All American Guys and The Jockey Next Door on The Cam Guys (well he was anyway; I see that he's left the site).

Anyway that should get you your full point fix of this guy. Happy Googling!

No.26213 : Anonymous [2015-12-17 12:20] [Report] []

Thank you so much for the info everyone! I have found some really good stuff thanks to all of you. If anybody have the temptation of eve videos, can you share them please ;) or any video of his :D

No.26386 : Anonymous [2015-12-21 11:29] [Report] []

Any videos of him anyone???

No.26400 : Anonymous [2015-12-21 17:41] [Report] []

Join many of the sites listed above and you can see videos of him.


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