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No.25987 : Anonymous [2015-12-12 18:07] [Report] 1449961640653.jpg (105746 B, 640x847) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP]
105746 B

Who has more hot stuff of Raciel Castro? I know he has cumming videos but I just have one

No.26053 : Anonymous [2015-12-14 05:08] [Report] []

I never knew he shows could u share please?

No.27447 : Anonymous [2016-01-10 02:45] [Report] []

more please

No.31081 : Anonymous [2016-02-27 03:20] [Report] 1456561219000.png (2775878 B, 2560x1600) [YIS] [GIS] []
2775878 B

>>25987 ive got vid of him jerking. wanna trade?

No.31100 : Anonymous [2016-02-27 11:48] [Report] []

I doubt I have anything worth trading for...but I desperately want to see this!

No.31164 : Anonymous [2016-02-28 00:07] [Report] []

I sent you an email

No.31369 : Anonymous [2016-03-02 01:53] [Report] []

Where did you find that video? I want it so bad ??

No.32196 : ste [2016-03-14 18:41] [Report] []

>>31369 It's online

No.32207 : Anonymous [2016-03-14 20:51] [Report] []

I guess the same guy posted the pic of Raciel with the pink underwear (and sent it to me) posted in Pornhu since he claimed he was the only one that had that video (with me now 2) but it's online now in PH, look for it in google images of Raciel Castro jerk off, in the last days, you'll find several links to it... but I have to warn you, that it's nothing interesting, more teasing like the other videos online too... Im still looking for a full frontal that includes Raciel's face

No.32212 : Anonymous [2016-03-14 22:23] [Report] []

>>32207 you're right, nothing special. Kind of disappointed in the hype built around it. Thank you for the heads up though! :)

The search continues!!

No.32933 : Anonymous [2016-03-23 17:23] [Report] []

Anyone have any luck??

No.32980 : Anonymous [2016-03-24 02:39] [Report] []

not yet
his videos are so hard to find

No.33893 : Anonymous [2016-04-07 02:24] [Report] []

I've got a vid of him jerking and cumming. sadly no face :(
talking to a couple of people who have more, but they wont trade because i have nothing they want
also someone will let me buy them but the app they use doesnt work in the UK :(

anyone had any luck?

No.37242 : Anonymous [2016-05-15 12:26] [Report] []

A cum vid???? I've only seen a teasing vid! I'd love to see that

No.38797 : Anonymous [2016-05-30 18:52] [Report] []

I have a few Raciel videos not sure they are anything no one's seen before. I also have some other bodybuilder/cam guys. willing to swap.

No.40852 : Anonymous [2016-06-21 08:37] [Report] 1466512650577.jpg (76985 B, 540x491) [YIS] [GIS] []
76985 B

Found this on Tumblr it's supposedly Raciel but none of his distinguishing marks (Big nipples or tats) are visible.

No.42432 : Anonymous [2016-07-08 00:09] [Report] []


i'd love to chat with you about sharing this vid. i have a good one of him...hope to acquire more.

No.42632 : Anonymous [2016-07-09 17:15] [Report] []

i have a few video of Adam Ayash jerking.
I will trade for one of Raciel castro

No.45346 : Anonymous [2016-08-04 08:12] [Report] []

>>25987 Hey have some vids . One vid of him jerking in shower my email is for some trade ;)

No.48651 : nony [2016-10-07 09:30] [Report] []

any one who have jerk videos of him contact me on for trade!

No.48655 : Anonymous [2016-10-08 02:06] [Report] []

How about just sharing the vids? Or at least some cock pics.

No.49769 : Anonymous [2017-01-20 22:01] [Report] []

??? there's no nude shows of him yet?


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