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No.25695 : slamm [2015-12-06 10:05] [Report] 1449414313292.jpg (261503 B, 1187x1920) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP]
261503 B

Anybody have these uncensored Jeff Seid nudes?

No.25696 : slamm [2015-12-06 10:06] [Report] 1449414361406.jpg (226605 B, 1034x1474) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.25705 : Anonymous [2015-12-06 13:46] [Report] []

omg please anyone?????? Jeff is everything. I am so thirsty for him

No.35564 : Anonymous [2016-04-29 12:31] [Report] []

bump for pics

No.35595 : momp [2016-04-29 19:37] [Report] []

i know jezebel has them but screw that bitch.

can someone please upload the uncensored ones.

No.35612 : Anonymous [2016-04-29 23:04] [Report] []

>>35595 she doesnt i already asked

No.35653 : momp [2016-04-30 09:24] [Report] []

damn. really? then why are her watermarks on them?

oh well does anyone know where to find them. the thirst is REAL.

No.35695 : Anonymous [2016-04-30 19:19] [Report] []

someones gotta have a pic of this guy.

No.35751 : Anonymous [2016-05-01 10:23] [Report] []


No.35860 : Anonymous [2016-05-01 23:24] [Report] []

the THIRST!!

No.36115 : Anonymous [2016-05-04 00:31] [Report] []

People have them, but we'll probably never see them. Besides his dick is probably small anyway.

No.36264 : Anonymous [2016-05-05 04:08] [Report] []

Jeff's dick is huge.

No.36268 : iloveit [2016-05-05 05:13] [Report] 1462439612630.jpg (49041 B, 473x523) [YIS] [GIS] []
49041 B

sorry but he definitely has a big one and it's clear from his vlog videos on youtube :) those VPL moments made me go crazy

No.36269 : iloveit [2016-05-05 05:14] [Report] 1462439651860.jpg (68309 B, 924x531) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.36270 : iloveit [2016-05-05 05:14] [Report] 1462439687903.jpg (66838 B, 928x513) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.36271 : iloveit [2016-05-05 05:19] [Report] []

those photos were posted by jeff seid himself like that :) the " jezebel" mark is fake

No.36275 : Anonymous [2016-05-05 07:16] [Report] []

>>36268 Huge? What a reach. That looks like an average semi-hard dick. Assuming you're a man, I'm sure you're aware that a semi always appears larger than it actually is. Same reason porn stars take pics with a semi. That's not to say I don't want to see his nudes or that I think his dick is small because it doesn't look tiny or anything like that, it just looks like an average ordinary size dick ¯\(ツ)/¯ and there's nothing wrong with that etc. etc.

I'd love to be proven wrong though, cause it would make for great nudes. Do prove me wrong.

No.39219 : Anonymous [2016-06-03 20:11] [Report] []

do you have the link for that vlog

No.39270 : Anonymous [2016-06-04 10:59] [Report] []

seriously. if you are that image-obsessed and you're about to take a photo in tight underwear that you KNOW will show off your dick, you're gonna fluff it first. nothing wrong with that, but let's be realistic

No.39282 : Anonymous [2016-06-04 14:15] [Report] []

is that white underwear from a blog. if so does anyone have the link

No.39347 : Anonymous [2016-06-05 07:39] [Report] []


It's from a video, not a photo. His bulge is huge throughout. Pretty much every single bulge shot (photo & video) of Jeff looks like he's packing and the person who had his nudes said he's definitely way above average.

I have a friend who used to work for Sean Cody and apparently Jeff applied to do a solo when he just turned 18 (way back before he was well known at all) and back then Jeff was 8". They didn't think Jeff had an attractive face and admittedly at 18 he was kind of awkward looking.

No.39360 : Anonymous [2016-06-05 10:15] [Report] []

do you have that video

No.39380 : Anonymous [2016-06-05 14:22] [Report] []

>>39347 he definitely isn't that cute in the face imo. His body is what makes him.

Wanna see this apparently 8 inch dick though.

No.50178 : Anonymous [2017-03-09 16:50] [Report] []


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