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No.22748 : Anonymous [2015-09-20 13:04] [Report] 1442768694929.jpg (271957 B, 750x1000) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP]
271957 B

Hey, you guys have any information on that Adam McBride kid from GayHoopla? He did some cam shows and then disappeared.

That ass/hole had a real future in porn, just saying, and I was wondering if he maybe ended up some other place? Thanks

No.22792 : Anonymous [2015-09-21 19:06] [Report] []

I had know idea who that was, but do want him now lol

No.22796 : Anonymous [2015-09-21 20:24] [Report] []

Mppf, ever since he debuted on GayHoopla he's been my favourite model (apart from Ken Ott who has disappeared too).

No.22851 : Anonymous [2015-09-22 21:30] [Report] []

there's just something about a "straight" guy with a nice pink battered hole that really gets me going

No.22879 : Anonymous [2015-09-23 12:32] [Report] []

He's not coming back he's not doing anymore porn his hole is it for you pathetic losers

No.22896 : Anonymous [2015-09-23 18:49] [Report] []

well well well

No.23902 : Anonymous [2015-10-18 10:16] [Report] []

Lol was that him?

No.24742 : Anonymous [2015-11-12 16:21] [Report] []

loved him too, such a shame he´s gone

No.45175 : Anonymous [2016-08-02 16:37] [Report] []

does anyone know his real name/IG?

No.45239 : Anonymous [2016-08-03 08:52] [Report] []

What does every one mean by he's gone?

He did one professional shoot for Gayhoppla and then a bunch of camshows where he begs for cock, spreads his ass and shows butthole, fingers said butthole, dildo's said buthole, buttplugs said butthole...some of these shows recorded as recently as January of this year.

I don't get it :/


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