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No.17112 : Anonymous [2015-03-18 23:07] [Report] 1426734433725.png (462221 B, 786x453) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP]
462221 B

anyone know who the guy on the left is? all i know is that he used to do live cam shows on mhcams (username logan_w) and he's likely on chaturbate

No.17115 : Anonymous [2015-03-19 00:45] [Report] []

Cb name is hot8pack01. He's hot, but who buns are those to the right?! It's rare to see him in cam with another person especially with a dude. More pls :p

No.17116 : Anonymous [2015-03-19 01:51] [Report] []

He goes by hot8pack01 on chaturbate now.

No.17118 : Ste [2015-03-19 02:21] [Report] []

hot8pack01 on cb or hot6pack01 on cam4

No.17119 : Anonymous [2015-03-19 02:36] [Report] []


thats is cam hes always on :) theres a cam4 but i dont know that one. but hes always on too

No.17120 : Anonymous [2015-03-19 02:46] [Report] []

that guy on the left is indeed in chaturbate almost everyday sometimes twice a day on special occasions especially when he is with someone. his username there is hot8pack01 aka wolverine. I first encountered him on chaturbate last year but I've been following him since 1 1/2 years ago when he did his shows in cam4. and right now i've checked that his account in cam4 is still active [username: hot6pack01]. but I'm kind of interested in his partner whom he calls batman who only does cum shows only in ticket shows.

No.17122 : Anonymous [2015-03-19 06:25] [Report] []

He's hot8pack01 on CB and hot6pack01 on cam4 i believe

No.17123 : Anonymous [2015-03-19 07:06] [Report] []

looks like hot8pack01

No.17134 : Anonymous [2015-03-19 15:46] [Report] []

Any clips of him and his Batmans playing with each other? Don't recall any. Mostly nudes together.

No.17135 : Anonymous [2015-03-19 16:02] [Report] []

what is "his batmans"?

No.17139 : Anonymous [2015-03-19 19:00] [Report] []

there's 100+ people who bought batman's ticket cum show yesterday. batman is one of his friends who's very elusive in showing his cock. he shows only his butt in public. as far as i know there are three friends of his who had done a show with him: batman, bane and captain america. not counting the recent girl he had done a show with.

No.17144 : Anonymous [2015-03-20 02:02] [Report] []


>batman, bane and captain america

any pics of them? whatre their cb names?

No.17151 : Anonymous [2015-03-20 10:57] [Report] []

If you guys scroll through the threads, there's a whole thread dedicated to Hot8Pack and vids are attached of him having sex with a girl annnd messing around with a guy.

No.17152 : Anonymous [2015-03-20 12:00] [Report] []

cool, thanks for letting us know. is there a catalog type thing or do i have to look through pg by pg?

No.17153 : Anonymous [2015-03-20 12:56] [Report] []

here's the thread for anyone looking. it's really not much but there are two vids. definitely wouldn't describe it as "a whole thread" though. makes it sound like there's a bunch of material.

No.17157 : Anonymous [2015-03-20 19:03] [Report] []

Need more of captain america. I think he did a solo shower show using hot8pack01's account. Anybody catch that?

No.17173 : Ste [2015-03-21 15:34] [Report] []

Did captain america have his own account?

No.17175 : Anonymous [2015-03-22 01:59] [Report] []

as far as i know all his friends don't have their own account. they are just using ed's account when doing shows either in solo a moment or in duos.

No.19040 : Anonymous [2015-05-30 05:33] [Report] []

Batmans account was nightbatman on chaturbate, however I've never caught him on it, usually just see him with Ed... they were on together last night


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