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No.14626 : Anonymous [2014-11-16 00:07] 1416114434493.jpg (37384 B, 462x820) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP]
37384 B

This guy goes by blally_2 on reddit. He also has an instagram, skype, snapchat, and kik at benlally. He's 18.

Can anyone find his nudes? He's posted a few of his nudes on occassion, on reddit, but they're always the same two pics. Maybe someone can catfish him and get something a little more fresh? The problem is that he requires proof that you're real before he'll show. :(
There's also apparently a vid of him stripping and also a vid of him cumming.

He's ridiculously hot, so I'm hoping someone has something they can share!

No.14628 : Anonymous [2014-11-16 13:56] 1416164188414.jpg (33624 B, 462x820) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.14629 : Anonymous [2014-11-16 13:56] 1416164211794.jpg (710206 B, 2322x4128) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.14630 : Anonymous [2014-11-16 13:57] 1416164233411.jpg (42979 B, 461x820) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.14631 : Anonymous [2014-11-16 13:57] []

Hoping someone can get a full body nude out of him! Face and that cock together would be hot!

No.14640 : Anonymous [2014-11-17 00:25] []

Would reallyyy like to see those videos, not gonna lie.

No luck?

No.14672 : Anonymous [2014-11-19 14:36] []

Anyone have any luck?

No.14673 : Anonymous [2014-11-19 16:35] 1416432942045.jpg (49748 B, 576x1024) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.14766 : Anonymous [2014-11-30 04:23] []

Anyone have any luck?

No.15992 : Anonymous [2015-02-13 02:26] []

He's on reddit again. And meet me if someone make a profile :)

No.15993 : Anonymous [2015-02-13 02:37] []

He started posting again to naughty subreddits as blally, maybe some 'girl' can message him and get some nudes out of him?

Dying to see a cumshot from this cutie!

No.15994 : Anonymous [2015-02-13 04:13] 1423818814719.jpg (42501 B, 518x920) [YIS] [GIS] []
42501 B

He's apparently put on 10lbs of muscle, and had a haircut. He's looking REALLY good lately.

No.16002 : Anonymous [2015-02-13 17:38] []

>>15994 Thanks anon, such good looking guy. I'll fuck him any day!

No.16016 : Anonymous [2015-02-14 00:36] 1423892161328.jpg (199711 B, 2048x1366) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.16017 : Anonymous [2015-02-14 00:36] 1423892195054.jpg (32177 B, 461x820) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.16018 : Anonymous [2015-02-14 00:36] 1423892213092.jpg (37321 B, 461x820) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.16019 : Anonymous [2015-02-14 00:37] 1423892241610.jpg (32324 B, 462x820) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.16020 : Anonymous [2015-02-14 00:37] 1423892259455.jpg (37623 B, 820x461) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.16021 : Anonymous [2015-02-14 00:38] 1423892316593.jpg (285183 B, 1080x1920) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.16116 : Anonymous [2015-02-16 07:23] []

Too cute!

No.16126 : Anonymous [2015-02-16 17:20] []

Someone just needs to make a meetme and chat with him. He will send stuff as long as he sort of thinks your real. He's naughty :)

No.16129 : Anonymous [2015-02-16 18:38] []


Someone needs to make this happen, PLEASE

No.16300 : Anonymous [2015-02-20 13:15] []

Bump for this cutie!

Someone needs to get some new nudes out of him!

No.16304 : Anonymous [2015-02-20 18:58] []

have you talked to him before? it looks like his reddit is deleted and his ig is private.

No.16314 : Anonymous [2015-02-20 21:56] []


His reddit account for blally is active, and his instagram is benlally, which is also open and active.

No.16315 : Anonymous [2015-02-20 23:20] []

LOL I've seen this guy play bowling LOL hot ass hell dressed, but naked he's fuck*ng cute

No.16321 : Anonymous [2015-02-21 04:50] []

lol he seems pretty open or maybe just dumb about posting nudes using his real name. do ppl in his town/school know about his pics?

No.16327 : Anonymous [2015-02-21 12:35] []


All the more reason we need more nudes from him! :P

Maybe a cumshot or two. haha

No.16400 : Anonymous [2015-02-24 01:26] []

more please! :O

No.16507 : Anonymous [2015-02-27 01:01] []

He was super horny tonight. He posted again on his reddit. He is beautiful and shaved his happy trail I guess

No.16511 : Anonymous [2015-02-27 02:21] 1425021705465.jpg (417153 B, 1080x1920) [YIS] [GIS] []
417153 B

I'm not gonna lie, I jerked off two times with this picture, fucking hot ass hell.

No.16534 : Anonymous [2015-02-27 18:00] []

/\ He looks so much like the actor Ian Nelson in that last photo omg

No.16535 : Anonymous [2015-02-27 18:02] []


Good god that is hot as fuck!

Someone needs to get some full body nudes out of this guy or a cumshot!


No.16538 : Anonymous [2015-02-27 19:34] []

supposedly he likes to send nudes through kik. well, if you're a girl. it's times like these that i wish i was born with titties :(

No.16540 : Anonymous [2015-02-27 21:03] []

Shit, this guy it's so fucking hot it hurts. Please someone use kik to get a jerking and cumming video out of him!!! LOL :D

No.16575 : Anonymous [2015-02-28 22:32] []

Hey guys currently kik'ing him and working on getting a skype session going ;) Will keep you updated.

No.16584 : Anonymous [2015-03-01 00:42] []


Bless you, Anon. I hope your Skype session went well and you have much to share with us all! :)

No.16585 : Anonymous [2015-03-01 01:00] []

>>16575 Thanks a lot!

No.16612 : Anonymous [2015-03-01 13:30] []

>>16575 If you can do that you'll become the hero of this thread LOL, thanks for your efforts.

No.16629 : Anonymous [2015-03-01 22:59] []

Did he Skype with you? Please share anything he sent you?

No.16633 : Anonymous [2015-03-02 02:38] 1425281910187.jpg (63666 B, 540x720) [YIS] [GIS] []
63666 B

>>16629 Not yet, I think we might tomorrow.

Also he has sent me a handful of pics (face and cock in same shot, ass pics, oiled abs, etc) and I'll upload everything soon once I hopefully get a vid. Till then here's a teaser so ya'll believe me ;P

But this also means not everybody should try to contact this guy because he might get suspicious if suddenly he's getting tons of messages and stuff, ya know? I'll upload everything once we skype, and if for some reason we don't soon I'll upload the pics anyways.

No.16639 : Anonymous [2015-03-02 08:25] []

>>16633 You're the absolute best!

Best of luck with Skype!

I'm looking forward to seeing everything you're able to get! :)

No.16640 : Anonymous [2015-03-02 13:31] []

>>16633 Marry me anon, you are a genious! Thanks for the effort

No.16641 : Anonymous [2015-03-02 14:22] []

You the real MVP

No.16643 : Anonymous [2015-03-02 14:55] []

holy shit, get him to do more stuff like the oil. that glistening muscular chest is a thing of fuckin beauty.

No.16652 : Anonymous [2015-03-02 19:00] []

need more oil and some good flexing. get him to show off his body somehow. please, you're our only hope!

No.16654 : Anonymous [2015-03-02 19:32] []

Jeese he's so hot. Just upload everything haha! can't take the wait

No.16662 : Anonymous [2015-03-03 03:30] []

I would die for a jerking and cumming video

No.16664 : Anonymous [2015-03-03 10:15] []

You probably wouldn't die, you probably would just ask for more videos as everyone on here does when someone tracks down a video.

No.16665 : paprika [2015-03-03 11:57] []

>>16664 I probably would die, revive, ask for more videos... Die again, revive, etc. This guy is impossibly hot.

No.16666 : Anonymous [2015-03-03 12:35] []

live. jerkoff. die. repeat. starring paprika cruise.

No.16672 : paprika [2015-03-03 18:14] []

>>16666 LOL :p

No.16674 : Anonymous [2015-03-03 18:26] []

Any luck with the Skype session?

No.16675 : Anonymous [2015-03-03 19:06] []

Fan-fics aside, did the skype session happen?

No.16679 : Anonymous [2015-03-03 21:22] []

Looks like he may have gotten spooked. All his pics are gone from his reddit... :(

Hopefully our wonderful Anon got that Skype session in! At least, if nothing else, we'll get new pics?

No.16680 : Anonymous [2015-03-03 22:18] []

His reddit for blally_2 was gone a while ago. He didn't get spooked. Still waiting for that Skype session

No.16682 : Anonymous [2015-03-03 23:12] []

>>16666 XD hahaha

>>16679 His reddit is still active, so as >>16680 said he didn't get spooked

No.16685 : Anonymous [2015-03-04 00:16] []

actually i checked again. when i refreshed the page he did take it off. but he's done that before. its his person reddit so he may just not want friends to find it.. who knows though

No.16688 : Anonymous [2015-03-04 01:25] []

>>16685 You are right, his reddit user is active but his NSFW posts are deleted (good that I've saved all the pics :D )

Anyways, it's weird if he got "spooked", I mean, he's posting nudes under his REAL NAME and even asking like crazy on reddit for people to fuck or exchange nude pictures...

Hell, even if you do a Google search with his username or real name you get all his nudes...

I bet he got spooked not for people looking for his nudes, or jerking videos... MAYBE he got spooked that GUYS where asking for his nudes or videos.

No.16689 : Anonymous [2015-03-04 01:55] []

I just searched blally_2 on reddit and found nothing.

No.16690 : Anonymous [2015-03-04 02:14] []

>>16688 Exactly! Maybe he was getting too much attention from guys and got "spooked".

Either way, >>16633 has pics of him and a possible Skype session going, so we'll still have new content either way!

No.16697 : Anonymous [2015-03-04 10:59] []

>>16690 I hope so, I was thinking that the guy was bi or at least abit opend mind... Anyways, hot guy, hope that the pics or Skype session is on the way because (sorry blally) I love this guy.

No.16701 : Anonymous [2015-03-04 12:18] []

can you upload a .rar of the pics from his reddit? i was gonna get around to saving them but figured "nah, i'll just do it later" :(

No.16713 : Anonymous [2015-03-04 21:26] []

>>16701 There you go :) hope you enjoy them as much I did ;)!SANXlQpT!snaZukL1nfP19VZpr6plH_bvKlPocDIYDCl6jmOezdo

Still waiting for that video from >>16633 , the video or the pics :)

No.16733 : Anonymous [2015-03-05 12:35] []

thanks! you're a lifesaver!

No.16735 : Anonymous [2015-03-05 13:32] []

Think the guy that was gonna have a skype session with him flopped.

No.16738 : Anonymous [2015-03-05 14:26] []

>>16735 Hope he at least post the pics hes have :D
And if someone can make that skype or kik chat, or even better... Can make a vid of this guy well... God bless him :)

No.16747 : Anonymous [2015-03-05 17:26] []

nooo, don't even say it. seems like he would've been willing to show some good stuff if he was willing to smear oil on his body for a pic. guys are usually never willing to go that far out of their way

No.16766 : Anonymous [2015-03-06 03:38] []

Hey guys, sorry its been awhile. So the skype session DID happen, and I do have a video. But right now I'm facing the moral dilemma.... through talking with him and seeing his posts on various places, it seems like he has some shitty stuff going on and the last thing I would want to happen is a naked video of him going viral (which it could because of how good looking he is). On top of that, he's really nice, so it makes me feel even worse... I'll think about it for a few days and if I decide to upload it, it'll be on this thread. Also, may I add, if I get any really rude and angry responses because of this decision, that will lessen the likelihood of me uploading the video. So none of that, please.

Meanwhile I guess I can share a few faceless photos he shared via kik since they don't reveal identity should they be spread... 3 cock pics (one with oiled abs), an abs pic, and 2 ass pics. Enjoy.

The link will be active for 7 days. After that, I am not reuploading them, so grab it while you can.

No.16773 : dare_dreams@hotmail(dot)com [2015-03-06 12:28] []

>>16766 Hi Anon! Thanks for the pics!

About the Skype video... I'll try to not sound aggressive (english is not my first language), but you say that you are facing "moral dilemmas". Can you explain a little better about the "shitty stuff" going on in Blally's life? I mean, just to know... (maybe one of his parents died or is sick and we are asking for nude pics of the poor guy like vultures [that phrase makes some sense?])

You said too that you don't want his face or video to go viral, have you searched on google his REAL name (I know it) or his Reddit username? literally his face and real name is plastered all around the web; even more, Blally ask "literally" for sex and nude pics on Reddit showing his face, his kik, his true name.

I the end anyways is up to you and whatever decision you make it will be fine.

PS: Thanks for come here and give an update of the situation :)

No.16774 : Anonymous [2015-03-06 12:41] []

>>16773 Hey Anon, thank you for sharing the pics!

I respect your decision, whether you upload the video or not, but I would like to ask, is there any way you could upload just a screenshot of his cumshot?

I'm the OP of this thread, and I've been dying to see his cum. A closeup of it or even if you have to crop his face out, I'd still be really interested.

However, if you don't think it's the right thing to do, I understand, and shall continue to respect your decision.

Thank you again for bringing us all these new pics! :)

No.16775 : Anonymous [2015-03-06 13:05] []


>I can share a few faceless photos he shared via kik since they don't reveal identity should they be spread...

thanks for the pics! is it possible to crop out or blur out his face in the other pics and then upload them?

No.16776 : Anonymous [2015-03-06 13:07] []


>I'll think about it for a few days and if I decide to upload it, it'll be on this thread.

if you decide not to upload the video, can you still let us know? i don't want to be lurking this thread forever with hope in my heart lol.

No.16779 : dare_dreams@hotmail(dot)com [2015-03-06 15:32] []

>>16766 Just tell me... he cum or not in the video? :P

No.16782 : Anonymous [2015-03-06 17:54] []

To the guy that did the Skype session i completely understand how your feeling. I go to the same school as this guy and he is not very closed about his sexual feelings. He has sex with so many girls in our school and completely couldn't give two shits about them. i am pretty sure his nudes were leaked at school and it only made him more "cool". i wouldn't hesitate if i were you. he is a nice guy, but he doesn't care about everyone knowing everything about his junk

No.16788 : Anonymous [2015-03-06 18:40] []

Yeah I honestly personally don't think he cares about his image being put out there, as evident by his own behavior. It's your decision and that'll be respected regardless and anyone that gives you shit is being a dick about it, and is honestly jealous. Whatever you decide to do is fine.

That being said, we're all people that want to see. lol So I'd like to say that if you don't want to do it here publicly, but aren't opposed to sharing with select people you talk to more privately or can trade with (Nudes of them or what have you), then I'm just gonna go ahead and put the fact that I'd like to see it out there. And here's my email to go with that were ^ this to be a more moral avenue for you to take: ptylerw at yahoo.

No.16789 : Anonymous [2015-03-06 18:43] []

So yeah just to summarize ^ my above post, everyone should be respectful towards whatever you decide, but let's not pretend at all that all of us don't want to see it and wonder if there's anything we can do to make that a reality. lol Just trying to be realistic here.

No.16807 : Anonymous [2015-03-07 01:37] []

I know him too (not personally but from neighborhood) the guy is a know stoner and Ritalin junkie. Hot as any guy I have ever seen before, but he give me a weird sexual addict vibe, he would fuck everything that moves and have a vagina. Good bowling player though.

No.16808 : Anonymous [2015-03-07 02:15] []

To the anonymous person that has the Skype session id be willing to share the pictures I personally have of him with you via email if you send the video. I have like 5+ away least and also feel the same way about exposing him like that. If your interested just comment back and I'll set up an email

No.16814 : Anonymous [2015-03-07 06:33] []

Wait so you all know this guy? And want to see him naked/video of him jerking off and some guy got a video of him jerking off but has a problem sharing it yet has has no problem sharing photos of him? This all seems a little fucked up.
"moral decision" righhhhht.

No.16816 : Anonymous [2015-03-07 06:43] []

You feel bad about exposing him but you'll trade his nudes? LOL this is such a fucked up thread.

No.16817 : Anonymous [2015-03-07 07:01] []

To the people who said that know him (From school or neightborhood).
I would die to live where you live. Get stoned with him, and propose a blowjob. haha. You guys are lucky you live near him.

No.16818 : Anonymous [2015-03-07 07:03] []

To the person that had the skype session:

Just curious. Are you a boy or a girl? If you're a boy. Did he knew? How you got his pants down? :O

No.16825 : Anonymous [2015-03-07 07:20] 1425730825661.jpg (59154 B, 960x960) [YIS] [GIS] []
59154 B

An old photo of him. God, he got big. .-.

No.16827 : Anonymous [2015-03-07 07:53] []


>Good bowling player though.

this is hilariously random to me. stoner/junkie, sex addict, and excellent bowler. lol. what else do you know about him? does everyone really know about his drug problems? what about his family? this information just makes him even hotter to me for some reason.

No.16836 : Anonymous [2015-03-07 10:29] []

We go from 'I understand you don't want to share because the guy is so nice' to 'I'll share if you share because the guy is so nice that I fell like I'm exposing him' in a heartbeat

You want to really know him? tell him that you are a man/guy and you really care about him or better, tell him on kik that you are not a girl and come here and tell us his answer. He just want to fuck and jerk off all day, he doesn't really care about anyone

Really, everybody here knows him and his 'look who I fucked/goingtofuck today', more... sometimes I have seen him walk with a fucking semi on his pants in the middle of the street, he doesn't give two fucks about anyone or anything but him

No.16837 : Anonymous [2015-03-07 11:31] []

You feel bad about exposing him but you'll trade his nudes?
he never said that. read the thread.

No.16838 : Anonymous [2015-03-07 11:32] []

whoa wheres this pic from? please tell me there's more!

No.16843 : Anonymous [2015-03-07 14:52] []

Stoner, sex addict, bowling player, hot, nice guy... I want to fuck him till the end of the world!
Sometimes I wonder why this guy doesn't do porn, he has the body and attitude, and we have seen that he doesn't matter showing his face, nudes or asking for fuck on a public website.

No.16849 : xxkuulxx [2015-03-07 18:35] []

All the back and forths aside, if this many people already legitimately know him and he hasn't ever mentioned taking issue with how public he is with his body, then it either means he already knows tons of people in his vicinity have seen him naked and doesn't care, or he hasn't even been alerted of it, which a video wouldn't change that if that's the case.

So either way, I honestly see no harm in posting the video. Your decision is fine no matter what you end up deciding, but I really see nothing wrong with it with ^ these factors in mind.

No.16850 : Anonymous [2015-03-07 19:10] []

I've fucked this guy,we meet after chatting on kik and fucked in his car, I'm not from his neighborhood, don't know his family or friends, he just talked to me on kik and tell me an history of how he was "going on some shit at the moment" on his life (for that reason I can understand >>16766), after we fucked he disappeared from kik and deleted all of his reddit pics, I almost lost trace of him until months later that he called me asking for pics and for "a fast fuck"
Later I talked to some girls that fucked him, he seems to care only of him and his "fame" or street cred (as >>16782 said) for fucking as many girls as he wants, some even said me that he is (not talking when he wants to fuck) a good man, down to earth, funny, etc. He just is idiotic when just want to fuck or when he is on his "ritalins" or stoned to hell

No.16851 : Anonymous [2015-03-07 19:24] []

>>16849 He LITERALLY doesn't care. He has a perfect fit body, a nice-sized cock, cutie face... his nudes just makes him look 'cool' and that means (in his mind) that he would fuck more girls
The only thing that scares him is 'gay dudes' looking and fapping with his pics, but not because he is an homophobic, no... but because some idiots here have a saying 'if the gays follow you, maybe you must be one too'

No.16855 : Anonymous [2015-03-07 20:42] []

are you a guy or a girl? what was it like havin sex with him

No.16856 : Anonymous [2015-03-07 20:54] []

This is reminding me of the book called "the sluts" by Dennis cooper

No.16857 : Anonymous [2015-03-07 22:11] []

>>16855 I'm a girl. sex? he's average, I don't know, he's not bad at all, just... I had better sex on my life with other guys

No.16858 : Anonymous [2015-03-07 22:32] []

LOL this guy hit the bong like anything I have ever seen. Cool guy and very funny, wish him the best! hope someday we will hit that mothafucker like the old times and get high as shit

No.16859 : Anonymous [2015-03-07 22:36] []

We need a plan B in case the guy from the Skype chat doesn't want to share... abybody here are good at kik?

Just remember this:
-He just want to fuck (reading all the comments) so, don't fall in 'love' with him because 'he is such a good person'
-Don't bother coming here saying you have something you don't want to share... really, it hurt our hearts
-PLEASE make him cum, we all have seen his nude pics, we just need to see this beauty cumming

(This post is a joke but yes, we really need to think a plan B just in case)

No.16860 : xxkuulxx [2015-03-07 23:16] []

^ Share with everybody but the guy that just proposed a Plan B please, because he in particularly /really/ needs to calm the fuck down.

There was not a hint of joking in that post whatsoever, but okay. lol Inhale and exhale, bro.

No.16862 : bellz [2015-03-08 01:25] []

So unfortunately I was unable to download the new set of pics posted in the link by the person who skyped with him.. :( Were any of you able to open the file? If so would you be able to post the pics onto the thread? I would SERIOUSLY appreciate it!!

No.16868 : Anonymous [2015-03-08 11:32] []

Hey, I understand your dilemma. I've recorded a lot of guys before and often face the same decision.

My rule of thumb has been that I don't share a video of a guy unless he already has pics/videos out there. If he does, then I figure my contribution makes no difference.

Realistically, this guy already has face+dick pics out there, (see OP's image) and even not counting those, the faceless dick pics are very, very obviously him. Anyone that wants to see this guy naked can already do so very easily, so from that perspective a video makes no difference to anyone except his fans.

Obviously it's down to you, and your decision will be respected (as I like mine to be when it comes to this stuff too), but his nudes are already out there, the line that you're drawing at the video is pretty arbitrary.
Anyway, would be good if you could let people know either way.

No.16873 : Anonymous [2015-03-08 19:39] []

This is such a bullshit conversation, either share the video or don't but don't pretend like you're taking some moral high ground, you catfished him over kik to get him to jerk off for you.

No.16877 : xxkuulxx [2015-03-08 22:50] []

@Above Anonymous: As if catfishing is even that bad? lmao If he went ahead and did stuff while there was a realistic factor of doubt that the person could be real, then I think it stands to reason he really didn't /care/. He got his nut off, and that's just about all that matters to him really.

Obviously it's not the best thing to do but it's not like the guy that catfished him is his fiancee, and even if it's asinine, you don't have any right judging the dude. Even if it's out of jealousy.

No.16900 : Anonymous [2015-03-09 15:54] []

no news from the guy who went on skype?

No.16911 : xxkuulxx [2015-03-10 03:13] []

He's taking his time to think things over, as he should.

No.16912 : Anonymous [2015-03-10 03:17] []

I go to school with Ben, I must confess that I've jerked oh so many times thinking about him, I've jerked on the school just inches from him, or in my house looking at all the nudes from him on google. It's true what some say about how he doesn't give two fucks about the girls he have sex with or the people seeing his nudes, so if what >>16766 it's true I HONESTLY (even if he doesn't like a gay guy saying this to him) I HONESTLY hope that all that shit that's happening in his life gets better, I would like to talk to him on reddit or kik, but... I will know he would insult the fuck out of me, even if I try to be nice. Hope that any of that nice boy he was before he got all bulked up and hot it's still inside of him.

No.16913 : Anonymous [2015-03-10 05:25] []

Jesus Christ....either sh*t or get off the pot.

This is not a forum for moral debate

No.16917 : Anonymous [2015-03-10 12:13] []


>I will know he would insult the fuck out of me, even if I try to be nice. Hope that any of that nice boy he was before he got all bulked up and hot it's still inside of him.

can you give more info on this? he used to be nice and now he's a dick? how do you know him exactly?

No.16926 : Anonymous [2015-03-10 19:39] []

>>16917 It's the classic like, when you are nobody you tend to be sort of nice with everybody, but when the people start noticing you, when all the sluts literally spread her legs for you to fuck them for free... well... you change, sometimes for good or sometimes for bad. He's still a good, down to earth and funny guy, but sometimes his asshole 'side' takes control of him.

I don't know him personally, I just know him by friend we have in common

No.16930 : Anonymous [2015-03-10 22:13] []


>but sometimes his asshole 'side' takes control of him.

what kind of stuff has he said/done that seems asshole-y?

No.16931 : Anonymous [2015-03-10 23:16] []

Can we just be over this guy, this forum is supposed tone about sharing hot men not discussing their past or morality behind sharing their nudes.

No.16932 : Anonymous [2015-03-10 23:27] []

Hope the skype guy finally choses something, good or bad, this waiting is killing me XD

No.16936 : Anonymous [2015-03-11 01:05] []

>>16931 Hey if you want to share just share, don't come here like an ass trying to piss on our party

No.16971 : Anonymous [2015-03-12 18:34] []

oh god the wait...

No.16973 : Anonymous [2015-03-12 19:18] []

pretty sure the skype guy has bailed on us. time to move on, boys..

No.16974 : Anonymous [2015-03-12 20:58] []

yeah you guys are never getting that video and never were, sorry to break it to you.

No.16976 : Anonymous [2015-03-12 23:58] []

Well, I hope someone's make a kik or skype video for us, I would try a shot at kik but I doesn't know how that program works, I'm more of a whatsapp guy.

No.16981 : xxkuulxx [2015-03-13 04:20] []

Whatever he decided to do with the video was fine, but if he chooses not to respond here at all anymore, that's just lame. lol And it should be known that it's not the sharing of the video that'd be a reminder of feeling unmoral or whatever you wanna call it. It's having it at all. So even his own personal enjoyment of it goes against the decision it would seem he's made with keeping it private.

Highly hypocritical.

No.16982 : Anonymous [2015-03-13 05:13] []

>>16981 That's right, I hope that if he chooses not to show the video AT LEAST he would come here and inform us, so we can try for ourselves or simply know so we don't have to wait day after day.

No.16987 : xxkuulxx [2015-03-13 19:53] []

Well he's not making you wait, and he's not stopping you from approaching the guy yourself. lol It's just totally fucking gay to not finish something you started is all I'm getting at.

No.16992 : Anonymous [2015-03-14 04:06] []

>>16987 Ass, remerber we all have a life, maybe the guy is busy doing something else, all of the anons talked about this guy's life or chat with each othe. You are the only asshole here that's bothering others with your stupid attitude. This is a site for share and talk, not a site for cry like a little bitch because you don't have something FAST or because someone did/say something you don't like. Grow a pair bitch and stop bothering the others good anons

No.17006 : xxkuulxx [2015-03-15 02:21] []


"Whatever he decides is fine"

Yeah you're right, I'm so dismayed and displeased. lmao Dumb faggot.

And if you think he hasn't at all had the time in the past week to be able to check a computer were he to want to, you're retarded. He had the time to invest in coercing pictures and a false Skype session out of a guy. He has time on his hands. And you're a fucking idiot. lol

I've been one of the people saying whatever he wants is fine, but okay. lol If this is your attempt at defending him to try to encourage him to still post, then I wouldn't be really be trying to pinpoint anyone else as unable to accept the fact that you don't get a look-see. lmao If that's the case, you're pretty sad.

But even if it's not, you're just dumb all-around it seems. G'day, you aren't worth responding to anymore.

No.17008 : Anonymous [2015-03-15 04:09] []

>>17006 wow, somebody that's lurking for nude photos of a GUY and gets like a bitch because someone doesn't grant his wishes calls another person a "faggot"... Rrrrrrright...
Get a life dude, or a dog... Or better, a gameboy, so you don't fuck with the poor animal's life... You are so pathetic and lame it hurts.

No.17011 : retarded faggot [2015-03-15 04:48] []

Hi ass! I'm >>16992 here... From now on you can call me with the 'ohhh so bad and mature nick' that you had given me, ass.

Something I just found funny about you ass is how you went ballistic because some anon just write 'whatever, if you post or don't post the video it's fine with us... WE WANT TO SEE IT... But it's your choice so it's fine'.

Errrrmmm... It's so difficult to understand that, ass? I mean... It's the guy's choice, I can't put a gun on his head because he has a fucking life and maybe (god forbid) he has a life and can't connect to post the fucking video you want at the moment you want, ass.

I bet you are a wonderfull person, ass, I bet that if mommy doesn't get you that toy when YOU want (like... Right now) you trown a bitch tantrum about how everybody is an hypocrite and blablablah

Ass, in life sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose. ass, sometimes you get what you want fast and at other times you don't get anything att all... Grow a pair, ass, you can even get a little tact just for the people that is waiting for the guy, ass. You are not helping anybody coming here and getting so bitchy...

So, ass, I will finish this saying that if you disappear from this thread the world would become a sad place but we are going to be strong and we will continue without you.. Go ass... I mean, go champ, go and wake up the minds of the 'stupid hypocrites that wait for videos and don't get bitchy like me' on others threads and forums/blogs/whatever

No.17016 : xxkuulxx [2015-03-15 11:57] []

tl;dr, thanks though Shakespeare. lmao Genuinely not reading that.

Someone needs a life though.

No.17018 : Anonymous [2015-03-15 15:38] []

Hi ass! I'm Shakespeare here, If thou speak'st false, Upon the next tree shalt thou hang alive, Till famine cling thee; if thy speech be sooth, I care not if thou dost for me as much. I pull in resolution, and begin To doubt the equivocation of the fiend That lies like truth. "Fear not, till Birnam wood Do come to Dunsinane," and now a wood Comes toward Dunsinane. Arm, arm, and out! If this which he avouches does appear, There is nor flying hence nor tarrying here. I gin to be aweary of the sun, And wish the estate o' the world were now undone. Ring the alarum-bell! Blow, wind! come, wrack! At least we'll die with harness on our back.

No.17020 : Anonymous [2015-03-15 16:57] []

what the fuck is happening on this post..
we come to this site to look at hot guys.
shut the fuck up.

No.17047 : Anonymous [2015-03-16 16:08] []

>>17016 Every time I read you I feel like my brain is dying a little...

I'm with >>17020 , Still waiting for that Skype chat :)

No.17093 : Anonymous [2015-03-18 13:21] []

Anyone attempting to get more pics or vids out of him after the previous person didn't come through?

No.17177 : Anonymous [2015-03-22 08:34] []

Yeah, he's not replying to messages on kik. I think he figured something out, especially since all his pics from reddit are down

No.17189 : Anonymous [2015-03-22 19:13] []

Nooooo, I needed this to happen. I blame you guys

No.17193 : Anonymous [2015-03-23 01:34] []

So, the cake was a lie after all...

No.17257 : Anonymous [2015-03-26 03:36] []

where is the vid?

No.17269 : Anonymous [2015-03-27 03:55] []

Well, thanks to the guy that promised the video and fucking disappeared without notice, fuck! You don't share what have you promess I will not share what I have of this guy.

No.17278 : Anonymous [2015-03-27 16:34] []

If you have stuff of this guy so do I. I'll share if you do. Kik me katiehoran21 not joking and don't even message me if you don't have anything in return its share for share

No.17283 : Anonymous [2015-03-28 13:23] []

>>17278 Sorry I'm not into private trading, I find it stupid. If I download things from this forum for free why I would want to trade my stuff privately like some kind of lame porn colector?
I was angry at the skype guy because I was going to trade publicly but because he scamed all (including me) I'm going to use the video for my own pleasure.

No.17320 : Anonymous [2015-03-30 07:54] []

Good I've been so into him since I first saw the pic in the op, sad that the video didn't get uploaded but at least we got some new pics out of it

No.17325 : Anonymous [2015-03-30 17:36] []

So it looks like I got to this thread too late. Damn this lil twink is hot. Not sure I'm buying some of the comments about skyping with him but guess I'll never know whether it's true or not haha.

No.17348 : Anonymous [2015-03-31 23:30] 1427859056543.jpg (73702 B, 640x640) [YIS] [GIS] []
73702 B

From his instagram

No.17357 : Anonymous [2015-04-01 04:10] []

>>17348 Thanks bud for the pic

No.17500 : Anonymous [2015-04-06 20:15] []

Bump, has he posted anything new recently?

No.17526 : Anonymous [2015-04-08 23:56] []

I know this thread is not going to bump anymore... but anyways: BUMP

No.17641 : Anonymous [2015-04-14 13:06] []


They do not work anymore :(

No.17723 : Bellz [2015-04-16 20:38] 1429231104375.jpg (108109 B, 768x1024) [YIS] [GIS] []
108109 B

Omg he posted on reddit again ???

No.19889 : Anonymous [2015-07-05 20:52] []

bump! this guy is really hot

No.20406 : Anonymous [2015-07-21 18:17] []

Bump. God he's gorgeous.

No.21234 : Anonymous [2015-08-13 13:40] []

anything new?

No.24254 : Anonymous [2015-10-29 02:20] []

If anyone who got those photos wouldn't mind uploading them again that would be awesome!
This guy is smoking hot and I haven't found any other than these

No.25461 : Anonymous [2015-11-30 16:07] []

just wondering wether there is anyone who would be willing to send me the complet picture video collection to
or upload them here

No.26933 : Anonymous [2015-12-31 18:21] []

Bump ! Does anyone have a compilation of all his photos and videos ?

No.27307 : Anonymous [2016-01-07 13:30] []

Yyyeesss pls anyone? A compilation would be so great. He is so hot ! Especially the first pictures are great..

No.29716 : Anonymous [2016-02-06 20:53] []

Bump! Anything new in him? Is he still around?

No.29719 : Anonymous [2016-02-06 21:28] []

Anything new on this hottie?

No.30665 : Anonymous [2016-02-20 10:52] []

hey guys, could u repost all the pictures of ben ( oiled abs, ass ,dick ) please ... i didnt have the chance to see them :\

No.34190 : W Godwin [2016-04-12 12:55] []

Can anyone repost his pics? You'd make so so very happy!

No.38232 : Anonymous [2016-05-24 20:26] []

Was there ever a video? I saw something about it in another thread, but can't find that one now.


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