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No.14355 : Anonymous [2014-10-20 02:03] [Report] 1413784980737.jpg (35546 B, 500x281) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP]
35546 B

N E 1 have nudz of Ethan Hethcote or Mark Miller from youtube?

No.15608 : Anonymous [2015-01-21 10:50] [Report] 1421855452041.jpg (550170 B, 1000x800) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.15609 : Anonymous [2015-01-21 10:51] [Report] 1421855509495.jpg (385322 B, 744x1000) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.15610 : Anonymous [2015-01-21 10:52] [Report] 1421855541040.jpg (425083 B, 800x1000) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.15611 : Anonymous [2015-01-21 10:53] [Report] 1421855582006.png (527724 B, 640x1136) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.15612 : Anonymous [2015-01-21 10:53] [Report] 1421855638578.jpg (100943 B, 500x599) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.15615 : Anonymous [2015-01-21 21:39] [Report] []

>>15608 Ha! They blurred his dick in this picture. Shakes fist

No.15697 : Anonymous [2015-01-27 00:15] [Report] []

they're so hot.. anymore of mark? bump

No.15699 : Anonymous [2015-01-27 01:39] [Report] []

Fuck their sex must be amazing!! If only a tape leaked.

No.15700 : Anonymous [2015-01-27 01:57] [Report] 1422341852569.jpg (194926 B, 611x611) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.15702 : Anonymous [2015-01-27 02:17] [Report] 1422343065872.jpg (863008 B, 1931x1922) [YIS] [GIS] []
863008 B

This is HQ version of the photo above, you can see more detail.

No.15703 : Anonymous [2015-01-27 10:42] [Report] []

They are both really obnoxious in my opinion, kills any attraction unfortunately.

No.15722 : Anonymous [2015-01-28 19:36] [Report] []

>>15703 They are actually real sweet guys, I got to hang out with them this fall I think you're taking their extroverted and positive personalities as obnoxious.

No.17232 : JD [2015-03-24 14:55] [Report] 1427223340207.jpg (100002 B, 640x640) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.17644 : JD [2015-04-14 17:12] [Report] 1429045949676.jpg (72754 B, 600x900) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.19166 : JD [2015-06-05 08:34] [Report] 1433507691427.jpg (105133 B, 640x640) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.19176 : JD [2015-06-05 19:38] [Report] 1433547527280.jpg (149900 B, 640x1136) [YIS] [GIS] []
149900 B

They are just hot as can be.

No.19179 : Anonymous [2015-06-06 00:09] [Report] []

Gonna guess the only nudes they have are on eachother's phones. Nothing online.

No.19934 : JD [2015-07-07 09:59] [Report] 1436277594977.jpg (172763 B, 913x913) [YIS] [GIS] []
172763 B

These two I tell ya. I would love to watch them make love. Ethan seriously does it for me.

No.19935 : JD [2015-07-07 10:00] [Report] 1436277614665.jpg (161381 B, 1080x1080) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.19941 : Anonymous [2015-07-07 20:18] [Report] []

>>19934 Woof.

Dear God, please leak their sex tape.

Or at least some nudes. Amen.

No.20031 : Anonymous [2015-07-10 16:29] [Report] []

how much is a nude worth to ya?

No.20062 : Anonymous [2015-07-11 14:38] [Report] []

you saying you have some?

No.20091 : Anonymous [2015-07-12 06:20] [Report] []

nudes don't exist of these two.

No.20099 : Anonymous [2015-07-12 08:26] [Report] []

>>20091 don't crush the dreams, man...

No.20118 : Anonymous [2015-07-12 22:53] [Report] []


No.20128 : JD [2015-07-13 09:12] [Report] []

Ew what? They are beautiful.

No.20130 : Anonymous [2015-07-13 10:41] [Report] []

Nah they are very average looking and kind of gross

No.20132 : Anonymous [2015-07-13 13:48] [Report] []

>>20130 .....what fucking planet are you living on where THAT is average and gross!?!

No.20172 : Anonymous [2015-07-14 14:04] [Report] []

Those nudes are out there, both of them are smart enough to keep the face out

No.20182 : Anonymous [2015-07-14 22:41] [Report] []

>>20172 well their bodies are pretty distinct enough to recognize ('specially Mark) so let's hope someone can dig something up!

No.20192 : Anonymous [2015-07-15 12:19] [Report] []

I was the original poster of whats a nude worth to ya... One of the last comments who mentioned the nudes that some people might've seen doesn't include their face, thats the same one I have. It's pretty visible its them though.

No.20195 : Anonymous [2015-07-15 14:19] [Report] []

>>20192 can you post plleeeasseeeeee

No.20198 : Anonymous [2015-07-15 14:50] [Report] []

>>20192 well... share please.

No.20208 : cockpocket [2015-07-15 19:26] [Report] []

If you see Mark shirtless on Youtube he has a distinct burn scar on his chest. He made mention of it in one of his videos. Depending on the angle and the clarity of the pic, that might tell the tale.

No.20224 : Anonymous [2015-07-16 10:23] [Report] []

I agree

No.20230 : Anonymous [2015-07-16 13:32] [Report] []

>>20192 hope u can share it with us!

No.20232 : Anonymous [2015-07-16 13:59] [Report] []

no one's gonna pay for alleged photos of youtubers, ryan lochte's ex couldn't even sell nudes of him. might as well just post them

No.20258 : JD [2015-07-17 16:43] [Report] []

Besides the fact that Locte is a fucking dog

No.20262 : Anonymous [2015-07-17 19:31] [Report] []

>>20258 true fax. And I agree with the above that no one is going to pay money for just a picture(s?) that may or may not be them so hopefully person who claims to have them will just share them like everybody else here does.

No.20288 : Anonymous [2015-07-18 15:37] [Report] []

>>20192 plz plz share them

No.20363 : Anonymous [2015-07-20 17:06] [Report] []

bump for pics plz & thx

No.20368 : Anonymous [2015-07-20 17:58] [Report] 1437429524528.jpg (914731 B, 1920x986) [YIS] [GIS] []
914731 B

Some... interesting screengrabs from Mark's latest vlog. Hehe ;D

No.20369 : Anonymous [2015-07-20 17:59] [Report] 1437429540340.jpg (944726 B, 1920x995) [YIS] [GIS] []
944726 B


No.20373 : Anonymous [2015-07-20 19:43] [Report] []

>>20368 Heading over to watch the video now. Damn.

No.20374 : JD [2015-07-20 19:44] [Report] []

Dirty Anon should post nudes

No.20378 : Anonymous [2015-07-20 20:14] [Report] []

or dirty anon doesn't have any "nudes", I know they're out there because we have mutually friends, when they started getting more noticeable ethan and mark were relieved they never sent or posted any full frontal/full face. if anon does have ones he thinks are them, he should share

No.20380 : Anonymous [2015-07-20 20:40] [Report] []

>>20378 wait... there's no (possible) full frontals? Booooo v_v

No.20394 : Anonymous [2015-07-21 16:21] [Report] []

can't quite tell what it might look like. looks short and sort of thick for a flaccid cock?

No.20397 : JD [2015-07-21 17:31] [Report] []

>>20394 Watch it on full screen on your computer and stop at 801. Head is def visible.

No.20408 : Anonymous [2015-07-21 18:41] [Report] []

>>20397 orly? I just thought it was his balls lol.

I also find it kinda funny that some people in the comments are like parched over it. It's like "Yes, little thirsties, all men have a bulge in their pants. And it's going to be visible sometimes, especially in wet swim trunks. Calm tf down."

No.20429 : Anonymous [2015-07-22 06:36] [Report] []

I don't see anything wrong with being a little thirsty as long as you're not a douche to the person the thirst is toward.

No.20438 : Anonymous [2015-07-22 12:44] [Report] 1437583459846.jpg (44495 B, 779x475) [YIS] [GIS] []
44495 B

Sorry, original poster of nude here, I honestly don't check up on this site too much and tend to forget about it sometimes, feel like an ass, didn't want you guys to pay for anything but here it is! Hope this is satisfactory! ;)

No.20442 : Anonymous [2015-07-22 15:26] [Report] []

LOLOLOL nope, their nudes stay elusive

No.20443 : Anonymous [2015-07-22 15:28] [Report] []

>>20438 well.... dayum. That's fucking hot. But it does make it really hard to identify them. The one of the right (left? The one with the shaved junk, k?) def has a similar body to Mark (though from seeing shirt lifts and low riding pants in his videos, it looks like Mark doesn't shave, at least not anymore) but the other one kinda doesn't match with Ethan. Hmm...

That aside, THANK YOU for sharing!!

No.20444 : Anonymous [2015-07-22 15:58] [Report] []

Not Them. That picture is old and although the palest guy kind of looks like Mark, the belly button does not match.

No.20445 : Anonymous [2015-07-22 16:02] [Report] []

Yeah... gotta agree with the comments below here. Those are some nice bods & dicks but I doubt it's them.

No.20446 : Anonymous [2015-07-22 16:19] [Report] []

it's the same guy, just before and after shaving off the hair. you can zoom a little see the bad photoshopping. Def not either of them, mark doesn't have the ab vagina going on

No.20448 : Anonymous [2015-07-22 17:29] [Report] []

Are you guys joking? This is definitely them, you can even tell by the way the room is, they're obviously not from a week ago, looks more like a year or so since Ethan has a happy trail now, but it's def them!

No.20449 : Anonymous [2015-07-22 17:39] [Report] []

>>20448 it could be them or it could literally be anyone. But there's no discernible proof it's really them.

No.20450 : Anonymous [2015-07-22 17:45] [Report] []

maybe it's time get all "tumblr investigates" lol. Whenever there's nudes or something like that, they dig super deep and analyze the shit out of other pictures for stuff like angles, backgrounds, birthmarks, etc. to find out if the nude is actually that person.

No.20452 : Anonymous [2015-07-22 17:58] [Report] []

From a quick research, I found that picture posted on a forum in april of 2013. Their relationship started in May 2013. Feels a little short for taking webcam nudes together. Plus, none of them have that weird shape that Mark has above his pubes.

No.20454 : Anonymous [2015-07-22 18:37] [Report] []

probably not them. did you all forget theyre both tan as fuck?

No.20459 : Anonymous [2015-07-22 18:49] [Report] []

Look at the body types are you joking? They each have distinctive V looking lines, for them to look the exact same, with two different people in the same picture, in the same looking bedroom? Y'all just wanna believe theres problems! haha

No.20462 : Anonymous [2015-07-22 20:06] [Report] []

lol. these are two guys in there mid to late 20's the one on the right has a pretty gross bod, defs not Mark and Ethan

No.20463 : Anonymous [2015-07-22 20:12] [Report] []


>you can even tell by the way the room is

someone go through their vlogs and see if you can find a bedroom match. shouldnt be that hard if youre a fan.

No.20466 : Anonymous [2015-07-22 22:05] [Report] []

>>20452 Oh? Well then seeing as they weren't even dating in April, I highly doubt they were taking nude pictures together.

No.20480 : Anonymous [2015-07-23 01:17] [Report] []

People. Listen up. This picture has been floating around for more than 2 years. That is WAY before they got their apartment together with the "similar room". Only ONE of those stomach shape COULD match ( Mark's ). BUT the lack of similarities ( hair, V shape ) just cancels everything. Not them. Get over it. Move along, and find some REAL pictures :D

No.20485 : Anonymous [2015-07-23 02:40] [Report] []

>>20480 completely agree with you but I will say that if there were nudes, I'd expect them to be older, like before the Youtube page got popular, so they probably wouldn't be in their current apartment anyways.

So if anyone really wants to waste their time to try to match the speck of bedroom you can see in the picture, I'd suggest looking at the older vids that were in their old bedrooms/dorm rooms.

No.20489 : Anonymous [2015-07-23 08:47] [Report] []

There isn't two dudes in this pic, it's the same guy with his pubeless photo pasted over the other. Why I dunno, i'm out

No.20496 : Anonymous [2015-07-23 16:04] [Report] []

You can see from other pictures posted here, Ethan is noticeably shorter than Mark, which also doesn't match up with the naked picture.

No.20567 : cockpocket [2015-07-25 20:04] [Report] []

I think people may finally be laying this to rest. R.I.P lol

No.20568 : Anonymous [2015-07-25 22:34] [Report] []

>>20567 Naked or not, they are good guys and I appreciate that

No.20572 : Anonymous [2015-07-26 01:52] [Report] []

>>20567 pretty much. Unless someone can conclusively prove otherwise, it's back to scouring the internet lol

No.20885 : Anonymous [2015-08-03 13:46] [Report] []

Bump for any new shirtless stuff?

No.21768 : Anonymous [2015-08-25 23:05] [Report] []

Can only wish

No.21780 : Anonymous [2015-08-25 23:42] [Report] []

>>20885 Just check out their vids/social media. They're so vain that they're constantly posting shirtless shit.

No.21935 : Anonymous [2015-08-30 22:21] [Report] 1440987693833.jpg (295734 B, 1080x1080) [YIS] [GIS] []
295734 B

Uh. Beef.

No.23449 : Anonymous [2015-10-04 20:23] [Report] []

BUMP! Keep looking guys!

No.23472 : Anonymous [2015-10-05 03:29] [Report] []

>>23449 There's nothing to find.

No.24014 : Anonymous [2015-10-21 17:08] [Report] []

Went to HS with Ethan. Talked to him for a while and we traded a bit. But that was like 5 years ago. Can't stand him as a person but I'm not gonna pretend he isn't fine as hell. He's got a pretty sizable dick too. But, we were both under 18 and I don't have the pictures anymore, anyways.

No.24020 : Anonymous [2015-10-22 01:00] [Report] []

>>24014 surejan.gif

No.24170 : Anonymous [2015-10-26 16:22] [Report] 1445890952568.jpg (1452163 B, 1000x1500) [YIS] [GIS] []
1452163 B

I just think this one is fun.

No.25398 : Anonymous [2015-11-29 00:30] [Report] 1448775023982.jpg (152981 B, 1242x876) [YIS] [GIS] []
152981 B

Isn't this mark ?

No.25402 : Anonymous [2015-11-29 01:51] [Report] []

No. That's Sean Cody's Graham.

No.25404 : Anonymous [2015-11-29 03:00] [Report] []

>>25398 lol ...rly?

No.25414 : Anonymous [2015-11-29 11:19] [Report] []

>>25404 LOL!

No.25415 : JD [2015-11-29 11:20] [Report] 1448814028570.jpg (86238 B, 640x640) [YIS] [GIS] []
86238 B

They literally make my mouth water. Ethan especially.

No.25493 : Anonymous [2015-12-01 04:55] [Report] []

I really don't find either one attractive, they seem like they would be stuck up self centered guys. Idk someone making a YouTube station about how awesome your relationship is gives me that impression.

No.25509 : Anonymous [2015-12-01 17:26] [Report] []

there's probably a bit of narcissism involved. but i think they also get a lot of messages from kids (and older people) thanking them for a positive portrayal of a healthy and fulfilling gay relationship. there's still surprisingly few of those to go around, and representation matters. so i imagine that idea that they're helping people, plus the narcissism, plus the cold hard cash all contribute to the fact they keep on putting their stuff out there.

No.25516 : Anonymous [2015-12-01 19:39] [Report] []

well beautiful people have every right to be narcissistic like myself. heheheh jk I'm only a little bit above average.

No.25539 : Anonymous [2015-12-02 05:24] [Report] []

They probably cheat on each other constantly.

No.26964 : Anonymous [2016-01-01 15:56] [Report] []

I would really like to see Ethan laying a boy out on his back and riding him for all its worth. Watching him slide up and down. You better believe I would watch that on the daily.

No.27032 : Anonymous [2016-01-03 04:31] [Report] 1451813480393.jpg (72575 B, 640x1136) [YIS] [GIS] []
72575 B

From snapchat.

I'm guessin' Ethan is still wearing underwear cuz that shirt does not look long enough to be covering the "dangle" if he wasn't.

With them posting shit like this, can't be long before sum n00dz of them leak out tbh.

No.27155 : Anonymous [2016-01-05 00:20] [Report] 1451971247058.jpg (732281 B, 4096x2731) [YIS] [GIS] []
732281 B

Did someone ask for a high res photo of Mark? ;)

No.27157 : Anonymous [2016-01-05 02:15] [Report] []

hey thanks. how'd you snag that?

No.27165 : Anonymous [2016-01-05 07:58] [Report] []


YouTube gives uploaders the option to upload custom thumbnails, in this case a high-res photo from Mark's camera for his latest video. All I did was download it via YouTube.

No.27177 : Anonymous [2016-01-05 14:09] [Report] []

>>27032 Let's hope so. I think Ethan is beautiful.

No.27178 : Anonymous [2016-01-05 14:10] [Report] []

>>27155 WOW! Thanks for this.

No.27221 : Anonymous [2016-01-05 22:40] [Report] []

What's their snapchat?

No.27239 : Anonymous [2016-01-06 00:55] [Report] []

>>27221 marke_miller & ehethcote

No.27558 : Anonymous [2016-01-11 14:29] [Report] 1452540550127.jpg (97234 B, 640x640) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.27824 : Anonymous [2016-01-15 00:27] [Report] []

Major VPL on Mark in new video. I'm on my phone so I can't post it. Yay for track pants!

No.27840 : Anonymous [2016-01-15 02:15] [Report] []

>>27824 a timestamp would be sweet! thnx.

No.28087 : Anonymous [2016-01-17 21:00] [Report] []


No.28093 : Anonymous [2016-01-17 22:22] [Report] []


No.28096 : Anonymous [2016-01-17 22:46] [Report] []

>>28093>>28094 thnx. Hot!

No.28099 : Anonymous [2016-01-17 23:24] [Report] []

Could be his dick, could also just be a very deceiving crease in his pants?

No.28941 : Anonymous [2016-01-28 15:17] [Report] 1454012224977.png (1996935 B, 2386x1182) [YIS] [GIS] []
1996935 B

Laces are out and the pants appear to a bulge so. I say VPL.

No.28985 : Anonymous [2016-01-29 08:53] [Report] []

>>28941 I am gonna have to agree

No.29024 : Anonymous [2016-01-29 20:01] [Report] []

I honestly don't know how people can stand Mark? NGL, I was okay with his earlier videos but now they're all just vlogs showing how he's one of those privileged little white boys who lives off his loaded parents and constantly rubs it in his viewers faces. Only thing that makes him slightly different is that he's gay so we don't have to hear about all the bitches he gets. RMFE.

No.29038 : Anonymous [2016-01-29 22:40] [Report] []

Seriously these guys are insufferable and a horrible representation of the queer community.

No.29053 : Anonymous [2016-01-30 01:05] [Report] []

I always laugh whenever I see those comments on his videos asking how he makes money? Like, bitch, fo'real? Have you EVER seen him talk or show anything about employment?

Either they're all stupendously naive or they purposely trying to bait him into admitting he's a trust fund kid.

No.29081 : Anonymous [2016-01-30 12:20] [Report] []

I'm fairly certain you are missing the point of this thread.

No.29171 : Anonymous [2016-01-31 13:14] [Report] []

Mods be missin' a lot of posts lately...

No.29172 : Anonymous [2016-01-31 13:22] [Report] []

>>29171 too many fuckwits who only post "bump" drowning out all the other waiting posts.

No.29282 : Anonymous [2016-02-01 16:44] [Report] []

You know you make money when you have a bunch of followers on youtube and snapchat right? Plus the merch they sell...

No.29303 : Anonymous [2016-02-01 23:07] [Report] []

>>29282 The merch is recent and sure, Mark has a lot of subscribers, but not millions like all the other jobless youtubers.

And he's shown his wealth long before he became popular. FFS, his parents have a huge ass lakehouse.

No.29705 : Anonymous [2016-02-06 18:20] [Report] []

Why don't they vlog their sex one time.. Would love to see that ^^

No.29717 : Anonymous [2016-02-06 21:10] [Report] []

>>29705 sadly they haven't gotten to that level of desperation yet... prob won't with their popularity.

No.31039 : Anonymous [2016-02-26 02:28] [Report] 1456471734318.jpg (61901 B, 1080x784) [YIS] [GIS] []
61901 B

See now, it's shit like this that makes me think they do, or at least have, taken n00dz.

No.31049 : Anonymous [2016-02-26 10:17] [Report] []

^ nice! Where'd you come across that?

No.31077 : Anonymous [2016-02-27 01:09] [Report] []

>>31049 Mark's instagram lol.

No.31533 : Anonymous [2016-03-04 15:25] [Report] 1457123115660.png (2268413 B, 2001x1125) [YIS] [GIS] []
2268413 B

200% sure I would suck his cock if he walked in like that!

No.31534 : Anonymous [2016-03-04 15:26] [Report] 1457123184317.png (3502187 B, 2001x1125) [YIS] [GIS] []
3502187 B

I'll cuddle him.

No.31549 : Anonymous [2016-03-04 18:24] [Report] []

>>31533>>31534 hawt, but the lack of bulge or vpl makes my dick sad.

No.31560 : Anonymous [2016-03-04 21:18] [Report] []

>>31549 yeah, the vid didn't have much peen. there is a couple second snippet at the begining of the vid but no great lines

No.32229 : Anonymous [2016-03-15 03:23] [Report] []

Some nice (kinda?) bulge from Ethan in Mark's latest vlog: between 6:45-6:50.

They're in Hawaii atm so hopefully we'll be seeing some nice swimshorts views in more vids. (Probs only from Ethan tho since Mark wears boxers under his boardshorts like a str8 dudebro lmao)

No.32238 : Anonymous [2016-03-15 08:44] [Report] []

>>32229 The shot of Ethan's undie lines on the stairs was nice. Glad to see he has decent taste.

No.32268 : Anonymous [2016-03-15 21:41] [Report] []

>>20442 I twitted Mark, last night. about is this dick pick real? But he never answered. So to me that means yes!

No.32289 : Anonymous [2016-03-16 02:11] [Report] []

>>32268 as if he'd respond either way...

No.32335 : Anonymous [2016-03-16 20:28] [Report] []

>>32289 No kidding. Yeah sure lemme talk about my dick on Twitter.

No.32481 : Jon [2016-03-18 19:02] [Report] []

They have a sex tape yet?

No.32501 : Anonymous [2016-03-19 01:36] [Report] []

>>32481 Probs. Hasn't leaked online yet tho.

No.32572 : Anonymous [2016-03-19 19:55] [Report] []

So... this thread is getting new posts but doesn't get bumped up... wtf is up with that?

No.34307 : Anonymous [2016-04-14 13:06] [Report] []
No.34486 : Anonymous [2016-04-16 20:43] [Report] []

And I thought this thread would only get good vpl shots, I don't know who started it or kept it goin but you guys da real mvp. #lovewins #wishitwaslonger #thevideonotdick #perfectpeen

No.37438 : Anonymous [2016-05-17 08:24] [Report] []
No.46739 : Anonymous [2016-08-14 03:06] [Report] []

I like Mark's dick the same way Smeagol likes magical jewelry

No.48901 : Anonymous [2016-11-06 10:44] [Report] []

They uploaded a tickle vid like two years ago showing Marks full hardon through his pants. Unfortunately, they edited it and cut it out. I'm sure there's some archive somewhere.

No.49717 : Anonymous [2017-01-16 22:07] [Report] []

>>48901 Anyone have that video ??

No.49955 : Anonymous [2017-02-09 17:15] [Report] []

Anything new?

No.50230 : Anonymous [2017-03-16 11:59] [Report] []
No.50327 : Anonymous [2017-03-30 21:34] [Report] []

So they went to a nude spa... someone could share a little?

No.50516 : Anonymous [2017-04-24 23:07] [Report] 1493089657044.png (1412835 B, 1334x750) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.50574 : Anonymous [2017-05-01 09:41] [Report] []

>>48901 anyone have screen caps?


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