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No.14179 : Anonymous [2014-09-24 20:25] [Report] 1411604708281.jpg (46089 B, 500x459) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP]
46089 B

anyone have files or links to the rest? suddenly there are michael hoffman nudes and partial videos floating around tumblr and there are supposedly "5 more" videos

No.14188 : Anonymous [2014-09-25 12:51] [Report] []

could someone download the video and upload it for us please? :)

No.14300 : Anonymous [2014-10-13 13:22] [Report] []

>>14188. Anyone know where we can find the other videos? Especially the one in the pic at the start of this thread?

No.14315 : Anonymous [2014-10-14 14:10] [Report] []

I'd love to find that particular vid as well. I've seen the others out there, but the one in the pic is "new" to me.

No.14416 : Anonymous [2014-10-27 17:45] [Report] []

I have them all. They're wonderful.

No.14419 : Anonymous [2014-10-27 23:03] [Report] []

are you going to share with us ?

No.14445 : Anonymous [2014-10-30 00:43] [Report] []



No.14448 : Anonymous [2014-10-30 13:17] [Report] []

On there is a torrent with the 3 videos and pics.
I don't know how to upload videos, but if any of you guys have any Torrent client can take the files from that page.
PS: BTW I'm not >>14416

No.14454 : Anonymous [2014-10-31 22:39] [Report] []

would you sell them then?

No.14483 : Anonymous [2014-11-03 00:30] [Report] []

The 3 on GT are the same ones that are floating all over Tumblr, nothing special.

No.14502 : Anonymous [2014-11-03 23:53] [Report] []

The non-Tumblr ones are very nice. :)

No.14906 : Anonymous [2014-12-11 07:13] [Report] []
No.14948 : Anonymous [2014-12-13 12:15] [Report] []

>>14906 Until yesteday the links were available, It now seems that the owner of that tumblr deleted the videos.

No.14955 : Anonymous [2014-12-13 16:28] [Report] []

there's a video now leaking of him fucking a girl?? there are GIFs all over tumblr....anyone have a source?

No.15453 : Anonymous [2015-01-13 17:48] [Report] 1421189303724.gif (3532488 B, 450x799) [YIS] [GIS] []
3532488 B

the hunt is on for this, i dont have a source it was posted on 4chan sourceless

No.15464 : Anonymous [2015-01-14 06:14] [Report] []


wow, we need that video!

No.15507 : Anonymous [2015-01-16 07:30] [Report] []

BAM! you're welcome!

No.15514 : Anonymous [2015-01-16 18:31] [Report] []

The full length videos are free at

No.15587 : Anonymous [2015-01-19 20:42] [Report] 1421718173622.jpg (44751 B, 445x614) [YIS] [GIS] []
44751 B

Anyone Knows who this guy is? He'sreally hot ! Big dick and pecs!

No.15596 : Anonymous [2015-01-20 10:37] [Report] 1421768220148.jpg (17628 B, 544x408) [YIS] [GIS] []
17628 B

anyone has a collection of sano_kun x azakura_yoh videos? I WANT THEM SO MUCH


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