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No.11337 : Anonymous [2014-04-11 12:13] [Report] 1397232820584.jpg (43152 B, 499x716) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP]
43152 B

Unbelievably hot guy I know on Facebook through another friend. Only met him a few times, but have always been captivated by his awesome body. Started stalking him for shirtless profile pics, then started seeing different photos of him on Tumblr too. Now I'm wondering if he's ever put out nudes. He did post a video on Facebook once showing off his body where he lowered his sweatpants enough to show his pubes, and there's a video of him on Youtube skateboarding naked, but you only see his ass. He goes by wheredahoes on Instagram. Anyone recognize him?

No.11338 : Anonymous [2014-04-11 12:20] [Report] 1397233207521.jpg (45444 B, 500x500) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.11339 : Anonymous [2014-04-11 12:20] [Report] 1397233232692.jpg (40544 B, 640x640) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.11340 : Anonymous [2014-04-11 12:20] [Report] 1397233254402.jpg (62430 B, 720x720) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.11341 : Anonymous [2014-04-11 12:21] [Report] 1397233283941.jpg (61745 B, 690x690) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.11342 : Anonymous [2014-04-11 12:21] [Report] 1397233304570.jpg (57626 B, 960x960) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.11343 : Anonymous [2014-04-11 12:22] [Report] 1397233326271.jpg (26555 B, 640x640) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.11344 : Anonymous [2014-04-11 12:22] [Report] 1397233347808.jpg (256546 B, 1365x2048) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.11562 : Anonymous [2014-04-17 17:26] [Report] 1397755614352.jpg (49202 B, 502x594) [YIS] [GIS] []
49202 B

New one.

No.11771 : Anonymous [2014-04-30 19:51] [Report] 1398887493975.jpg (71869 B, 640x640) [YIS] [GIS] []
71869 B


No.11788 : Anonymous [2014-05-01 06:04] [Report] []

OP, his name on facebook or the link to the youtube video?? tnks!

No.11792 : Anonymous [2014-05-01 18:45] [Report] []

Honestly, I don't want to give away too much. His Instagram name is "wheredahoes." Look that up and you'll find his real name, which will lead you to his Facebook. Google him and you'll find his skateboarding vids, including the one on which he grinds down a rail totally nude in one scene. (If you freeze it at just the right moment or go frame by frame, you can barely make out the tip of his penis poking out from under his leg.) Even scarier is that he posted his cellphone number with a couple of his Instagram pics...

No.11808 : Anonymous [2014-05-02 07:48] [Report] []

I´m just going to say this: He is always horny, he likes oral sex a lot, when he cums... he cums a lot, His dick is not so big, he likes both sexes ;) ta-daaaaa

No.11811 : Anonymous [2014-05-02 08:09] [Report] []

>>11792 Found his Instagram, LOL you were right! he posted his phone number LOL! Find a Youtube user with videos of him "toomuchg***", watched almost all of the videos there but I can't find the nude one... maybe it's already deleted T_T

No.11812 : Anonymous [2014-05-02 11:35] [Report] []

How do you know he likes both genders? Because if that's true, I'll text him myself and see where it goes to be honest.

No.11813 : Anonymous [2014-05-02 13:20] [Report] []

Yeah this skateboarding naked video is elusive as fuck, I can't find it anywhere.

To the person that gave us the means to find his Facebook and shit, you may as well just post the video. There's really no difference.

No.11818 : Anonymous [2014-05-02 15:45] [Report] []

The video with the nude scene is titled "throwaway" and he's naked right at the beginning, from 0:04 to 0:05 I believe. And if you couldn't have guessed, the person claiming to have sexual knowledge of him is bullshitting you. That wasn't me, and they have no clue who he is. As for his penis, I can say that there is apparently some debate there. On his old Facebook profile, which he deleted, a friend commented on one of his photos, announcing to everyone that he was small. (I imagine his information came from the locker room.) He became furious and got defensive about how he's really short, which he is. He's about a foot too short for his age, which explains all the working out if you ask me. Of course, he may have "developed" for all I know. The friend I met him through is also a super fit skater (he's in a lot of photos with this guy), and HE is an exhibitionist. He flashed his dick at me twice in public, put photos of his ass on Facebook once, and showed me a video of himself going bukkake on his girlfriend. His dick was pretty big...

No.11823 : Anonymous [2014-05-03 01:17] [Report] 1399094221372.jpg (178121 B, 1132x417) [YIS] [GIS] []
178121 B

For the people, so we can finish the "mystery":


And for those who don't want to wait for the video:

PS: I must add, he can have the shortest dick on the world, but he seems to be a cool person and is HIPER hot, I can lick his abs all the day and night!

No.11832 : Anonymous [2014-05-03 14:36] [Report] []

I agree 100%. That's a good capture by the way. It's blurry, but in the very first frame you can see a distinct red "bump" poking out past his left knee. I've always figured that's the head of his cock as it flips up when he jumps onto the rail. Either that or he had a boner and it really is as tiny as his friends say. :P

In any case, the dude who films all these skating vids is the one I'm sort of friends with - the exhibitionist. I asked him once what the story was behind the nude skating, but he wouldn't explain. He did imply that his friend had no idea that the naked footage got spliced into the Youtube video though...

Another weird thing about him is that he keeps sharing shirtless photos of other male friends on his Instagram profile, and then asks all the girls reading to go follow that guy too.

No.11833 : Anonymous [2014-05-03 18:25] [Report] 1399155925098.jpg (105677 B, 640x640) [YIS] [GIS] []
105677 B

Sweet Jesus, his photos just keel getting hotter.

No.11834 : Anonymous [2014-05-03 18:51] [Report] []

Well, aren't you informed.

If you're friends with the exhibitionist, you should see if he can goad him into doing another video of Carlo skating naked and see if it can have a little bit more to see. lol

No.11836 : Anonymous [2014-05-03 22:52] [Report] []

>>11832 Thanks for the info, I captured the pics with MediaPlayerClassic at 720 resolution... in the Player only one frame shows the tip of his dick (the pic I posted here)... maybe the player is bad for frame to frame capture :/
Anyways, if you have access to his friend, you must find the complete and raw footage of the nude video :P that would be great! this guys is perfect, as I said: big dick or not.

PS: thanks again for all the info you posted.

No.11868 : Anonymous [2014-05-04 18:15] [Report] 1399241703294.jpg (107050 B, 640x640) [YIS] [GIS] []
107050 B

Holy crap, holy balls, oh my god. Okay, so, one thing I've learned about Carlo (OP here) is that he has an annoying habit of posting hot as shit photos of himself, then taking them down within hours of putting them up. So I've taken to checking his profile damn near constantly so that I don't miss things like THIS. Almost every pic I've shared with you in the past week has been deleted, and this probably will be too, but you should check out the response he gets while they're up. I shudder to think what kind of photos I might've missed.

No.11869 : Anonymous [2014-05-04 18:49] [Report] []

>>11868 It seems he like to tease people :3 . He's hot as hell! Carlo, you got a new fan in me ;)

No.11875 : Anonymous [2014-05-04 22:50] [Report] []


No.11876 : Anonymous [2014-05-04 22:53] [Report] []

Seeing as how we have his cellphone number, has anyone considered trolling Carlo for more revealing private photos of himself? I've been on forums where guys have practically become experts at tricking straight guys into doing just that. He's obviously horny, a tease, and not that bright. It shouldn't be too hard to convince him, especially since he put his personal number on Instagram pretty much asking for EXACTLY that: hot girls to send him pics. I say somebody go for it.

No.11888 : Anonymous [2014-05-05 03:05] [Report] []

>>11870 What?? If you don't like how we help each other you can go to another page and post all the crap you want man!! Leave our shit alone! This is a page to request guys info or pics asshole!

No.11894 : Anonymous [2014-05-05 10:50] [Report] []

I tried texting him myself, no response. I made it clear that I got his number from instagram so, assuming he has the same number, he no longer wants to be texted by strangers basically. Or just didn't wanna talk that day in particular.

So if someone's gonna give it a try, be tactful.

No.11955 : Anonymous [2014-05-06 18:54] [Report] []

Any new photo from this cutie?

No.11956 : Anonymous [2014-05-06 19:26] [Report] []

Trust me, I've been checking regularly. Nothing new since the one where he's pulling the side of his sweats down to flash his pubes. The inevitable photo I'm looking forward to now is one where he's totally nude but covering/hiding his genitals with/behind something. Every dude like him does one of those shots eventually. And I'll be sure to share it once it happens. I have a cock sock fetish, so I pray for one of those. ;) Or maybe he'll do "sneaky hat." I wish that trend would come back.

No.11959 : Anonymous [2014-05-06 22:51] [Report] 1399431092385.jpg (51774 B, 422x640) [YIS] [GIS] []
51774 B

And there you go. It never seems to take him long. Idiot ruined the photo with the text though... Better than nothin' I suppose. Actually, does Snapchat help us at all? I'm not even sure what it is...

No.11961 : Anonymous [2014-05-07 01:51] [Report] []

>>11959 Why something tells me that Carlo knows we are hunting for his nudes and now is teasing us all? And this is for Carlo: Man, you have a great body and I bet you are a cool guy too... So do those nudes or socks/hat/whatever picture :3 , this is from your number 1 fan!

No.11980 : Anonymous [2014-05-08 00:42] [Report] 1399524175959.jpg (94569 B, 640x640) [YIS] [GIS] []
94569 B

Through sheer luck and coincidence I managed to find a few more photos of him, starting with this one.

No.11998 : Anonymous [2014-05-08 07:05] [Report] []

I found this page by chance when Carlo briefly changed his profile pic to a photo I hadn't seen before. So I Googled the image and found several tumblrs that have apparently been stalking him longer than I have.

No.11999 : Anonymous [2014-05-08 10:20] [Report] []

>>11980 Thanks a lot!! <3

No.12021 : Anonymous [2014-05-08 21:48] [Report] 1399600131855.jpg (56825 B, 446x640) [YIS] [GIS] []
56825 B

For your ogling pleasure, tonight's photo offers just about the closest thing to a crotch bulge that I've seen Carlo give so far.

No.12022 : Anonymous [2014-05-08 22:36] [Report] 1399602991585.jpg (95405 B, 640x640) [YIS] [GIS] []
95405 B

Our boy is busy tonight. He already deleted the pic I just posted and put this one up in its place. He's also getting bolder. He admits in the description of this one that he's going to delete it before the morning. Plus, just look at it. I'm fairly certain he hasn't exposed his cock yet (except perhaps over Snapchat), but I think he's close. Very close...

No.12024 : Anonymous [2014-05-08 23:31] [Report] []

>>12021 Thanks for the photo :) ... little bulge LOL, he is extremely hot, and his face is perfect... but little bulge :P

No.12027 : Anonymous [2014-05-09 01:17] [Report] []

Slow, but with time and confidence he is showing his pubes ;) maybe someday he will show all of his body. But ATM I have to Gotta Catch 'Em All (his pics before he delete them :P)

No.12056 : Anonymous [2014-05-09 13:50] [Report] []

Aw..... Now Carlo's Instagram profile is private. I feel like that's happened before though. Everything he's done over the past week or so seemed to be a ploy just to get himself over 10,000 followers, which he accomplished as of two days ago. Maybe now that he's done that he doesn't want his profile public anymore. It could've been a bet or a challenge or something. I'm sure he'll be back though. And his photos always manage to make it to Tumblr. I'll keep everybody posted.

No.12065 : Anonymous [2014-05-09 19:46] [Report] []

He is an ass... Teasing at the people just to have a fuck*ng number of contacts in his Instagram... Totally lame!

No.12074 : Anonymous [2014-05-09 22:30] [Report] []

>>12056 Thanks a lot!

No.12112 : Anonymous [2014-05-10 18:09] [Report] []

He just posted his kik on his instagram if anyone who texted him and didn't get a response wants to try to this way. Username: Shakingbabies

No.12113 : Anonymous [2014-05-10 18:50] [Report] []

>>12112 F*** why always teasing? why he doesn't post a pic of his bulge and make the world a better and happy place? :P

No.12114 : Anonymous [2014-05-10 22:37] [Report] []

Yeah, he's back already. So that didn't last very long. No new photos yet but I'll be watching. And now I have to find out what Kik is...

No.12241 : Anonymous [2014-05-13 19:47] [Report] 1400024824188.jpg (66141 B, 422x640) [YIS] [GIS] []
66141 B

As always, sweet Jesus.

No.12246 : Anonymous [2014-05-14 00:12] [Report] []

>>12241 Thanks a lot anon! you always deliver :) ... I don't know why but with all of this "I make my Instagram private" and all the bullshit makes me think that there are nudes of him floating around.

No.12263 : Anonymous [2014-05-14 06:34] [Report] []

Considering that he uses Snapchat, I can guarantee you that he HAS shown his cock to a few girls. I'm just doubtful right now that anyone has managed to save any of his dick pics. Maybe someday.

No.12327 : Anonymous [2014-05-18 18:32] [Report] []

did he delete his instagram?

No.12352 : Anonymous [2014-05-19 02:40] [Report] []

Yes he did delete it because it got hacked. He has a new one that he sent out on Snapchat but it doesn't seem to exist.

No.12353 : Anonymous [2014-05-19 04:19] [Report] []

keep us posted on any intell if you can please, thanks.

No.12557 : Anonymous [2014-05-28 13:33] [Report] []

I'm a little baffled on his current status. His old Instagram has definitely been deleted, and I haven't found a new one yet, but I am still seeing a trickle of new photos of him appear around the internet, but always really tiny thumbnail pics, like they're profile pictures from something, but I have no idea where they're coming from. Google image search hasn't located a new home for his exhibitionism yet.

No.12559 : Anonymous [2014-05-28 21:15] [Report] []

>>12557 Thanks for keeping us informed!! He's hot as hell but sadly he deleted all of his online presence :S I hope he will come back someday to show his perfect body and bulge to the world :P

No.12561 : Carlo fan [2014-05-28 21:38] [Report] []

>>12557 I got his new Instagram:
wherealldahoes , Some asshole hacked his account so... Here are some new pictures ;)

No.12562 : Carlo fan [2014-05-28 21:39] [Report] 1401327588297.jpg (56156 B, 640x640) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.12563 : Carlo fan [2014-05-28 21:40] [Report] 1401327607040.jpg (75614 B, 640x640) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.12564 : Carlo fan [2014-05-28 21:40] [Report] 1401327629757.jpg (59760 B, 640x640) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.12565 : Carlo fan [2014-05-28 21:40] [Report] 1401327644028.jpg (41749 B, 640x640) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.12566 : Carlo fan [2014-05-28 21:41] [Report] 1401327660655.jpg (54089 B, 640x640) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.12567 : Carlo fan [2014-05-28 21:41] [Report] 1401327701124.jpg (67299 B, 640x640) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.12625 : Anonymous [2014-06-02 22:31] [Report] 1401762670959.jpg (37473 B, 640x640) [YIS] [GIS] []
37473 B

Still going strong.

No.12628 : Carlo Fan [2014-06-03 00:23] [Report] []

F*ck... he gets hotter and hotter every week! He has to show just a little more, we want to see his bulge on those boxers :3

No.12676 : Anonymous [2014-06-04 14:32] [Report] 1401906736948.jpg (43087 B, 640x640) [YIS] [GIS] []
43087 B

Some asshole already hacked his new Instagram. All they're doing is delaying us from seeing that purportedly tiny cock!

No.12706 : Carlo Fan [2014-06-05 19:52] [Report] []

>>12676 LOL Tiny cock or not he's hot as hell, we'll have to wait until he makes another Instagram account :S
(Carlo, PLEASE... next time use a more complex password :/ or something )

No.12865 : Anonymous [2014-06-16 00:50] [Report] []

Any news on him? i'm dying to see more of his hot body and his cute bulge

No.12926 : Anonymous [2014-06-19 18:05] [Report] []

he's apparantly making a new instagram

No.12931 : Carlo Fan [2014-06-20 01:19] [Report] []

>>12926 Thanks Anon, hope he post some new photos (Some bulge or nude :P)

No.12996 : Anonymous [2014-06-24 10:57] [Report] 1403621873810.jpg (68819 B, 476x960) [YIS] [GIS] []
68819 B

I have found no evidence of a new Instagram account recently. The old one is still there but it's still private. I haven't seen any new photos of him come through the usual Tumblrs that post him, but I did snag this one off his Facebook account. Hopefully that's worth something. I still hold out hope of running across a video of him stripping or jerking off one day. A boy can dream.

No.13191 : Anonymous [2014-07-07 01:26] [Report] []

Okay, it looks like Carlo may be back on Instagram again, under a third account (that I know of), this time named "imyhoes." The Last activity was on 6/25, but the only three photos so far are pics we've seen already.

No.13194 : Carlo Fan [2014-07-07 02:51] [Report] []

>>12996 AMEN to that!

No.13208 : Anonymous [2014-07-07 18:13] [Report] []

So guys I found this searching for his name:

"You have been the only person that really understands what I've been going through this past year. I smoked week 1 year ago and got so high I couldn't even contemplate my thoughts. Even to this day I get random highs from that same feeling that day I first smoked weed. I understood I had anxiety disorder a month ago when i had my first anxiety attack, I felt like my senses weren't working the same. Anyways I've been trying to find someone who understands but everyone I talk to they think I'm crazy. Im in the 10th grade and don't know how to control my disorder. Please help, I cant take this for the rest of my life. Is there any remedies to help or techniques that would come in handy? Message me asap if you have time. PS: I'm planning on to buy your book. It seems interesting!?"

He commented this on a video about addictions, so he's a midget with a peanut for a penis and now an addict? you guys are great! really!

No.13222 : Anonymous [2014-07-08 13:26] [Report] []

I knew he was a pothead. All his friends are. Several of them have done jail time for it. (The exhibitionist friend of his that I mentioned earlier was rumored to have been arrested when he was 15 for flashing his cock at oncoming traffic while on a military base, but it was just as likely for weed.) Anyway, Carlo changed accounts AGAIN. This time it's ilovedahoes. Can you see a theme here? No new photos yet.

No.13230 : Carlo Fan [2014-07-08 19:34] [Report] []

>>13222 It's a waste that he is a pothead, anyways I can be his hoe any day of the week LOL. Thanks for the info of his new Instagram.

No.13366 : Anonymous [2014-07-14 13:26] [Report] 1405358778312.jpg (60807 B, 640x640) [YIS] [GIS] []
60807 B

Carlo appears to finally be back in action again.

No.13371 : Carlo Fan [2014-07-15 00:08] [Report] []

>>13366 Thanks a lot! I love him :3

No.13633 : Anonymous [2014-08-12 15:52] [Report] 1407873147420.jpg (72579 B, 640x640) [YIS] [GIS] []
72579 B

He's steadily been posting again, at his new Instagram account @liftur, which he now openly links on his Facebook account. It's all been fitness stuff so far. Photos of him weightlifting.

No.13655 : Anonymous [2014-08-14 10:04] [Report] 1408025071531.jpg (73535 B, 640x640) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.13662 : Carlo Fan [2014-08-14 17:57] [Report] []

>>13633>>13655 Thanks a lot!! Shame he's getting too buff for my taste, anyways cute as always.

No.14263 : Anonymous [2014-10-06 09:40] [Report] 1412602822058.jpg (27073 B, 367x570) [YIS] [GIS] []
27073 B

OP here. Sorry I haven't kept up with this thread, but there honestly hasn't been much reason to. Carlo has continued to post on @liftur, but really only fitness photos. A couple of shirtless pics, but nothing scandalous at all. Certainly not to the level we've been used to before now. He may have stopped puttting that stuff up after getting hacked, what, three times? Anyway, I haven't seen any other leaks around Tumblr either until this morning. The included pic is supposed to be something Carlo put out over Kik. I can't vouch for it, although judging by the hair and body, it does kinda look like him. Maybe, maybe not. In any case , it's not really anything we haven't seen before. End of an era. Give us something new Carlo!

No.14275 : Carlo Fan [2014-10-08 19:05] [Report] []

>>14263 Thanks a lot for the pic OP, as you say, Carlo needs to step up its game a little more, but anyways cute as always :)

No.14485 : Anonymous [2014-11-03 15:00] [Report] 1415044802398.jpg (77266 B, 640x640) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.15256 : Carlo Fan [2015-01-03 00:08] [Report] 1420261680608.jpg (148877 B, 960x960) [YIS] [GIS] []
148877 B

New material, no nudes but hot pics anyways

No.15257 : Carlo Fan [2015-01-03 00:08] [Report] 1420261705774.jpg (105202 B, 960x960) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.15258 : Carlo Fan [2015-01-03 00:08] [Report] 1420261727398.jpg (76271 B, 640x640) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.16632 : Anonymous [2015-03-02 01:55] [Report] 1425279301263.jpg (72922 B, 960x960) [YIS] [GIS] []
72922 B

Oldie but goldie...

So a friend of mine (a girl) finally fucked this guy the other day, here's the rundown:

-Down to earth
-Funny, cool guy tipe
-AMAZING rock hard body
-(in sex) He doesn't moan
-He's not so good at sex at all but his personality out of bed make up for that
-As we all suspected... His dick is in the 'short" side of the scale (approx 4.9in x 1.1in)

So, in the words of my friend: 'Is a good guy to have as a friend, not so much for fuck'

No.18925 : Anonymous [2015-05-26 14:45] [Report] 1432665906697.jpg (94450 B, 900x898) [YIS] [GIS] []
94450 B

Blast from the past, since he was mentioned in another thread recently. I can confirm this is him, due to the tattoo on his thigh, which he flaunts in an instagram photo.

No.18946 : Anonymous [2015-05-27 12:02] [Report] []

>>18925 Thanks! I'm never tired of seeing this guy, fapping time! :D

No.18949 : Anonymous [2015-05-27 12:30] [Report] []

I want to kiss and lick that tattoo so badly

No.18980 : Anonymous [2015-05-28 14:37] [Report] []

>>18924 aboynamedjon is disgusting, seriously! Carlo WAS cute, but you are right in some things: He's getting too buff like Jon, he's getting that "douche-bro" attitude (chains, gold watches, that bros'tache with just 3 or 4 hairs).
He was cute in his skate years, but anyways he's good looking and I'll pay to see at least a hardon pic, small dick or not.

No.18988 : Anonymous [2015-05-28 18:12] [Report] []

>>18925 Where's his bulge in that? good body but his bulge looks like a Ken Doll!

>>18980 Amen to that! Jon is disgusting, he was cute when he was less ripped.

No.22001 : Anonymous [2015-09-01 14:24] [Report] 1441131887033.jpg (104271 B, 1080x1080) [YIS] [GIS] []
104271 B

dat ass, but he's getting too buff for my taste

No.22002 : Anonymous [2015-09-01 14:25] [Report] 1441131903972.jpg (58794 B, 1080x1080) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.22003 : Anonymous [2015-09-01 14:25] [Report] 1441131918725.jpg (47631 B, 1080x1080) [YIS] [GIS] []


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