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No.10733 : Carlos [2014-01-06 13:12] [Report] 1389031976312.jpg (84222 B, 612x612) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP]
84222 B

Anyone have any nudes of aboynamedjon or any revealing pics or gifs? I have a bunch of him but not all

No.10738 : Anonymous [2014-01-06 15:57] [Report] []

been asked before, he said he did adult-related things and that he had nudes leak before but i've never seen any, what all do you have?

No.10739 : Anonymous [2014-01-06 15:57] [Report] []

It's no joke that aboynamedjon - real name Jon Brannon Skywalker (also not a joke) - is the hottest looking guy on the internet, but he's also the biggest douchebag and a complete waste of time. I'm sorry to inform you that there are no nudes, never were, and never will be. He is extremely self conscious about the size of his dick (which all evidence suggests is perfectly proportioned if not a bit big on him). Therefore he's never sent nudes to anyone, at least to no one who has come forth with them. He has been known to promise them but never delivers. He also appears to stuff on occassion. The closest he's ever come to displaying his dick is in a gif from before he became famous. He's standing, wearing a mask and nothing else, with his hands clasped over his junk. You can see a bit of penis between his fingers, but not much. He displays his ass co stantly though. I've given up hope on seeing his cock.

No.10741 : Carlos [2014-01-06 20:18] [Report] []

Well if you have any images of him, his ass or bulge or anything just post them on here :)

No.10742 : Anonymous [2014-01-06 23:22] [Report] []

I agree with the other guy. Nothing has ever surfaced. I uploaded a picture a while back where you can almost see anything.

No.10743 : Anonymous [2014-01-07 00:02] [Report] []

yeah you'd have to be seriously dedicated to being manipulative if you wanted to get some nudes from him lol

No.10747 : Anonymous [2014-01-07 23:41] [Report] []

>>10739 Sorry to dissent but I bet my life that this guy has a very small dick, I mean... "normal" large but VERY VERY thin. Anyways he is hot as hell.

No.10753 : Anonymous [2014-01-08 15:35] [Report] []

Why do you think he has a small one? Why thin? I'm not arguing I'm just curious. The story behind Jon, from what I've read is that he used to post pics of himself wearing really tiny shorts and people poked fun at how he didn't have much of a bulge. He flew into a rage and acted defensive. Fast forward and he still gets defensive when people accuse him of having a small dick (or being gay), but he still poses in revealing clothes. The bulges I've seen - many of them complete with a very visible ridge - look pretty good. Maybe he's just a shower and not a grower, but who knows? Sometimes he looks a little hard in the pics but I also suspect he stuffs in those. I honestly don't care. With a body like that he could be tiny and I'd still drool over a nude of him. Are you familiar with Andy Honda? The guy has practically no cock at all but he's still hot as fuck. For what it's worth, Jon has admitted many times to being a virgin. That's ripe for discussion.

No.10754 : sw [2014-01-08 22:05] [Report] []

he ain't the hottest guy on the net, he's not even close.

No.10757 : Anonymous [2014-01-10 12:38] [Report] []

>>10753 It's amazing you know so much about him :) , anyways I said that he has a small one because you have to simply see his hand, it's scientific, you see his hand and you can see how "big" it's him.

But I have to disagree with 26856, he is really hot, a little too buff, but hot.

No.10758 : Anonymous [2014-01-10 12:41] [Report] []

>>10753 If he is a virgin (with a guy or a woman) I'm Jane Fonda!

No.10824 : Anonymous [2014-01-20 02:44] [Report] 1390203897130.jpg (19487 B, 306x306) [YIS] [GIS] []
19487 B

I keep having this sneaking suspicion that if Jon ever did just cit the crap and show us his dick that it would turn out to be really unattractive. Like whether it's big, small or average sized, it's probably an ugly penis. Also he's way too tanned and he shaves everything smooth. Not hot. And yet...I still want to see his cock. So bad. His and Bieber's are probably the two I want to see the most in the world, for no good reason.

No.10825 : Anonymous [2014-01-20 13:56] [Report] 1390244170210.jpg (89969 B, 717x960) [YIS] [GIS] []
89969 B

Jon's eye view of his own junk. Yeah, not much of a bulge from this angle...

No.10828 : Anonymous [2014-01-20 23:25] [Report] []

Where'd those two pictures even come from...?

No.10829 : Anonymous [2014-01-21 00:26] [Report] []

>>10824 Yup, more hair, less tanning and a little more brain and this guy could be almost 100% perfect.

No.10865 : Carlos [2014-01-26 18:43] [Report] []

Come on you guys any more pics? Gifs or otherwise. Dick,ass,bulge,naked, just bein plain ol sexy?

No.10876 : Anonymous [2014-01-27 23:59] [Report] []

Dear Jon, if you are reading this... DO a fuck*ng jerk off video already! or show your dick!

Sincerely, one of your fans!

No.10886 : hokidoki [2014-01-28 17:09] [Report] []

Thank you guys for all this!

No.23216 : Anonymous [2015-09-29 15:25] [Report] 1443554715732.jpg (53590 B, 512x640) [YIS] [GIS] []
53590 B

There are several threads on her about Jon Skywalker (aboynamedjon back in the day), so I fiigured any thread was as good as another to draw everyone's attention to his most recent Instagram pic. Most revealing to date if you ask me, and goes a long way toward dispelling the belief that he's small. If this is any indication, dude is seriously packing.

No.23302 : Anonymous [2015-09-30 14:30] [Report] []

In no other bulge picture of him is there any evidence that his cock is even normal-sized, let alone as huge as cock needs to be to fill the briefs in the last picture completely. We all know asian guys have small cocks. There is no shame in that, especially if you have a killer body like Jon has. But no man could be proud with having a small cock. If Jon's prick was even a bit above average knowing his attitude he would've released pictures years ago. A strong cock would've skyrocketed his reputation and he just loves all the attention.

Just to give an example:
elevenhitcombo's flacid is filling his briefs completely on every single picture. I bet his softie is twice as big as Jon's hard on. Just look at how much cock there is in that bulge!
Now look at his hard on. Now do you all agree that you must have one hell of a cock for your flacid to be so big in order to fill your briefs completely?

No.48485 : Anonymous [2016-09-11 20:45] [Report] 1473641120849.jpg (293485 B, 960x1280) [YIS] [GIS] []
293485 B

Anyone have any nudes of Andrew Hell? Tumblr is sex-lies-and-bowties. Instagram is andrewhell3691


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