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No.22322 : agnusz [12/09/28(Fri)09:58] 1348840683319.jpg [GIS] (42942 B, 299x480)
42942 B

Does anybody have nude pics or vidz of this guy???


No.22359 : Anonymous [12/10/02(Tue)08:29] 1349180999575.gif [GIS] (2712387 B, 400x300) []
2712387 B

Holy shit

He's seriously incredible

No.22375 : Anonymous [12/10/02(Tue)22:50] []

I know there's one video of him on YouTube, but it doesn't show anything more than his gifs

He has a dumb attitude but a seriously hot body, does anyone else know of any videos?

No.24825 : Anonymous [13/05/14(Tue)18:54] []

get nudes of him!

No.24828 : Anonymous [13/05/14(Tue)21:31] []

share it plz

No.24837 : Anonymous [13/05/15(Wed)02:02] []

In one of his gifs you can see his penis, a little small for my taste, REALLY small. But otherwise the guy is hot!

No.24844 : anon [13/05/15(Wed)04:45] []

Which one?

No.24845 : Anonymous [13/05/15(Wed)05:51] []

fuck what a disappointment he is small

No.24846 : anon [13/05/15(Wed)07:01] []

Link to that specific gif?

No.24848 : a [13/05/15(Wed)07:41] []

Which gif is it? I wanna see!

No.24867 : mack [13/05/15(Wed)19:42] []

bump for gifs

No.24868 : Anonymous [13/05/16(Thu)02:16] []

I already posted the picture here:

No.25241 : xxkuulxx [13/06/18(Tue)14:43] []

That picture doesn't show his dick at all. :s Where's the one you meant where you can see it?

No.25242 : xxkuulxx [13/06/18(Tue)14:48] []

>>22322 He even admitted to having nudes leaked on a place he posts now, so we really gotta find them. Dx

No.25363 : Anonymous [13/06/27(Thu)05:45] 1372326316701.gif [GIS] (3421566 B, 400x300) []
No.25366 : xxkuulxx [13/06/27(Thu)19:26] []

Ugh, this is killing me. :s His nudes have to be somewhereee. lol They would have circulated really well once people realized who he was with a body like that.

No.25973 : Anonymous [13/08/11(Sun)02:06] []

He's now saying he apparently broadcasts on an adult cam site, so people should really keep an eye out for him now.

He goes by the aliases janom, aboynamedjon, vampyr0, Jon Skywalker, and probably some others I can't remember. So I guess keep an eye out for usernames like that and stuff.

No.26043 : Anonymous [13/08/18(Sun)06:25] []

I downloaded the two videos he had on his YouTube channel and reuploaded them here: hotgayguystuff.tumblr/post/50648117092/john-skywalker-a-k-a-aboynamedjon and hotgayguystuff.tumblr/post/57281335326/john-skywalker-a-k-a-aboynamedjon

No.26055 : Anonymous [13/08/19(Mon)05:10] []

Guys who work that hard at looking sexy as fuck should have an obligation to intentionally accidentally leak nudes, this sucks.

No.26069 : Anonymous [13/08/21(Wed)01:38] []

new shot on insta... looks pretty big


No.26070 : Anonymous [13/08/21(Wed)01:48] []
No.26071 : Anonymous [13/08/21(Wed)01:54] 1377064444080.jpg [GIS] (71707 B, 612x612) []
No.26072 : Anonymous [13/08/21(Wed)04:13] []

I've seen gifs and stuff of him in underwear when he's NOT purposely showing off his dick, so it's safe to say he definitely chubbed that one up. lol

Still nice all the same though. ;P

No.26073 : Anonymous [13/08/21(Wed)13:45] []

>>26071 Hot as hell, I would gladly pay for some jerking video of this guy.

No.26098 : Anonymous [13/08/24(Sat)17:12] []

So, any news of his adult cam shows?

No.26124 : Anonymous [13/08/26(Mon)15:03] []

comments on his instagram say he goes on omegle

No.26190 : Anonymous [13/09/04(Wed)22:19] []

His gifyo went private

No.26191 : Anonymous [13/09/04(Wed)23:33] []

Anybody have him followed that can post gifs? I don't follow him anymore.

No.26250 : Anonymous [13/09/15(Sun)00:23] []

Bump? any nudes? :(

No.26257 : Anonymous [13/09/15(Sun)04:41] []

They've gotta be somewhereee. He said some leaked, but even if that's a bluff you gotta figure a guy that loves his body that much has sent some. lol

No.26878 : hokidoki [14/01/13(Mon)15:05] []

This looks like a hot video that no longer exists! Anyone have it?

No.30670 : Anonymous [2014-11-10 03:03] []

seriously no one has gotten a nude of him before? lol

No.30676 : Anonymous [2014-11-11 03:04] []

Video worked just fine for me - it's a 27MB mp4 file. Do you have the latest codecs installed?

No.40118 : Anonymous [2015-10-21 20:04] []

bumping this thread

No.43375 : Anonymous [2016-01-06 16:16] 1452115009352.jpg [GIS] (90422 B, 750x745) []
90422 B

Showing pubes for the first time ever that I can recall seeing.

No.43376 : Anonymous [2016-01-06 16:56] []

Christ he was so much hotter before the tats and roid body

No.43396 : Anonymous [2016-01-06 22:04] 1452135879196.jpg [GIS] (45064 B, 640x640) []
No.43397 : Anonymous [2016-01-06 22:05] 1452135907139.jpg [GIS] (78072 B, 640x640) []
No.43398 : Anonymous [2016-01-06 22:05] 1452135933598.jpg [GIS] (60881 B, 640x640) []
No.43400 : Anonymous [2016-01-06 23:07] 1452139666673.gif [GIS] (1453367 B, 400x300) []
No.48168 : Anonymous [2016-03-13 00:49] []

Hes got a nice semi on his recent insta post.

No.48210 : Anonymous [2016-03-13 16:53] 1457902435960.jpg [GIS] (63551 B, 640x640) []
No.48211 : Anonymous [2016-03-13 16:54] []

get it while you can

No.48213 : Anonymous [2016-03-13 17:08] []

Damn that is hot!!thanksss Anymore?

No.48288 : Anonymous [2016-03-14 16:13] []

After that tanning booth video, I need more!

No.48299 : Anonymous [2016-03-14 18:49] []

>>48211 Thanks, that was hot! but anyways he was more cute when he was less ripped and without tattoos :/

No.48341 : Anonymous [2016-03-15 09:18] 1458047938605.png [GIS] (696204 B, 750x1334) []
696204 B

That recent tanning booth video nearly gave me a heart attack. For a moment, I thought maybe something actually WOULD pop out. But a man can dream. I don't know if this has been discussed, but he does have a VK account where he never deletes ANYTHING. Everything ever taken down from Instagram is still there. Love the caption he put on the tanning booth video. The photo he's referring to is that most recent Big Hero Six shot. (Big Hero Dick I suppose.)


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